UNO’s Keith Eloi Jumps Into a Truck

Move over, Jarron Gilbert. Former University of Nebraska-Omaha WR Keith Eloi, who has a 44″ vertical leap, has become the newest NFL rookie YouTube sensation.

While working out with his football buddies in Katy, TX prior to the NFL mini-camps, Eloi was filmed jumping from the concrete floor of the parking lot and into the back of pick-up truck – while wearing sandals.

Interestingly, Eloi has quite the football past that was suppose to land him at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After moving around several times in high school from Texas to out east, Eloi got to play only year of high school football. After not getting along with his coaches, Eloi was lightly recruited and found himself at William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Ill. – where he would play along side his uncle, former Husker LB Steve Octavien.

When Octavien came to Nebraska, Eloi was going to follow him to Lincoln as a walk-on wide receiver. However, he was short on school credits and in order to play, he found himself at the University of Nebraska-Omaha (Division II) where he excelled with 57 catches for 749 yards and as a special teams player. At UNO’s pro day, he received little attention and eventually he would go undrafted and unsigned. After receiving several tryout offers from the CFL, Eloi’s agent set him up with a spot at the Washington Redskin’s minicamp because of his friend Morocco Brown – the Redskins’ director of pro personnel. The only thing Eloi had standing in front of him now was the 100 rookies that were in attendance at the Redskin’s camp in May.

So on the final morning of the Washington Redskin’s minicamp, Eloi was pulled aside by Executive Vice President of Football Operations Vinny Cerrato. Cerrato told Eloi, “we really like what we’ve seen of you, and we’re going to sign you this week.” Eloi signed a contract that day.

Not bad – and jumping into the back of a truck ain’t that bad either.


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