Erin Andrews Video Updates; Video Not Shot in Omaha

It’s come to my attention that some of you are absolutely bewildered as to why we haven’t been all over this Erin Andrews naked peephole saga more. Sure, I’ve been trying to keep up with this story as much as the next blogger, but the truth is that this is getting uglier and more bizarre by the minute and no groundbreaking news has happened since the video itself first surfaced. With that in mind, let me fill you in on what I know.

First, I’ve been keeping up with this story through Deadspin – the gold standard for stories such as this. Below is the rundown of the events that have happened since last Thursday.

Secondly, despite what you might have read or heard through rumor (like from Fox 42 News in Omaha), Omaha police say this video was NOT shot in Omaha during the College World Series.

EA’s attorney, Marshall Grossman, will seek criminal charges and file civil lawsuits against the unknown cameraman and anyone who publishes the material. This is why you’d have to look long and hard for the video and this is why if there has ever been anyone to defy lawyers, authorities, or ESPN, it’s Barstool Sports (out of Boston) – your go-to blog when everyone else runs and hides.

Where this chain of events leads us to next is anyone’s guess. The bottom line is that this kind of publicity has turned into a PR nightmare for ESPN and Erin Andrews. And what makes matters worse is that this pervert that probably went to an online spy shop and bought this video surveillance equipment after he found out Erin was coming to town is proving to be quite the professional criminal. It’s been almost 5 full days and still nothing.


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