Vegas Insider’s College Football Futures

Nobody does it better than Vegas – at least that’s what Stu Feiner tells us when we do our “Take the Double Extra Points” regular feature here. (insert cheap plug here: our Double Extra Lock in 2008: 8-3 ATS (73%) – Regular Season; 4-1 ATS (80%) – Bowl Season!!!)

Here are some college football futures from Vegas Insider you can start wagering on right at this moment if you need to lock something in (girl not included.)

Nebraska’s odds to win the National Championship: 50/1

  • Those are the same odds as Clemson, Georgia Tech, Oregon, and North Carolina.
  • There are 15 teams with better odds, including Oklahoma State at 30/1, Virginia Tech at 20/1, Texas at 11/2, and Oklahoma at 9/2.


Team Open
Texas 13/10
Oklahoma 8/5
Kansas 5/1
Nebraska 5/1
Oklahoma State 8/1
Missouri 20/1
Colorado 20/1
Texas Tech 20/1
Kansas State 40/1
Baylor 40/1
Texas A&M 40/1
Iowa State 75/1

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