Phil Steele’s Experience Chart for 2009

Phil Steele recently posted his ‘new and improved’ Experience Chart for the 2009 season, which he claims to be ‘FIVE TIMES better,’ to an online column in the Orlando Sentinel.

In the past, Phil only used a system where he broke down the number of Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen each team had in the two deep and rated the teams experience level based on that.

This year Phil took that same system and added a few new factors including % of letterman returning, % of returning offensive yards, % of returning total tackles, and returners from the offensive line.

And then by the miracle of the calculator, he devised a formula where he plugs all of these factors into an equation that churns out a number from 0 -100, with 100 being a team with 25 seniors (NCAA scholarship limit) in the two deep and every yard and tackle returning but 120+ career starts.

For more info and for the complete list, read the article by clicking on the link above or buy the magazine (I swear I don’t get paid to plug him.) If you’re a Nebraska, Missouri, or Texas Tech fan, you might want to look away. Below is what he found.

#1 Minnesota 82.2
#2 UAB 81.1
#3 Toledo 80.0
#4 East Carolina 78.7
#5 FIU 77.2
#6 Florida 75.8
#10 Oklahoma State 74.4
#11 Texas 74.1
#20 Baylor 69.9
#21 Virginia Tech 69.8
#25 Iowa State 69.1
#40 Arkansas State 65.7
#44 Louisiana-Lafayette 64.9
#50 Oklahoma 63.8
#53 Kansas 62.9
#55 Texas A&M 62.8
#60 Colorado 62.0
#76 Kansas State 58.5
#89 Florida Atlantic 55.7
#106 Texas Tech 50.8
#112 Nebraska 49.3
#120 Missouri 39.6


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