Mike DeArmond Is Blogging Again; Knows Why Nebraska Was Picked 1st

For reasons not yet known, I decided to go check in on Mad Mike’s mad blog at the Kansas City Star after last week’s debacle –LINK . And now that I read his latest blog installment titled “Media Ignorance?,” I’m officially making it my last visit. Unfortunately, I read it and now so must you.

In his latest attempt to debunk why Nebraska was voted first in the Big 12 Preseason Poll, the Missouri Tigers’ media ace in the hole comes up with this:

“The media that picked Nebraska to win the Big 12 North over Kansas and Missouri in the league’s voting, aren’t abso-tooting-lutely nuts. They’re just blissfully unaware. My new theory, and I’m sticking to it, is that too many media members who primarily cover the South division relied on the tradition of what Nebraska used to be, not on what they are, one of merely three Big 12 North contenders that are all flawed in one way or another this season.

“Can’t pick Kansas; everyone knows that is a basketball school. Can’t pick Missouri; couldn’t win with Coffman, Maclin and Daniel so sure as heck can’t win without them.
So who is left? Nebraska! The Cornhuskers used to be really good.”

“By the way, Nebraska center Jacob Hickman is a hoot.
Asked about having to play at Kansas and at Missouri this season, Hickman acknowledged Missouri fans can get a bit “rowdy.”
“Obviously, they are rambunctious fans,” Hickman said. “I got spit on a couple of times the last time I went out there. But that’s beside the point.
“If anything, that encourages you. . . if you do that it can help you, propel you, in the game.””

To summarize, Nebraska isn’t a basketball school nor did we lose Chase x 2 and Maclin, and therefore, the 17 out of 32 media representatives who voted Nebraska first on their ballots did so because of what Nebraska used to be. Either I’m abso-tooting-lutely nuts or he just really said that.

Not only does this clown attempt to insult the intelligence of every other Big 12 media representative out there but also insults the intelligence of every college football fan out there.

Nonetheless, Missouri still loves ya Mike. You’re a hoot.


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