ESPN’s Mock College Football Draft writers Pat Forde, Ivan Maisel and Mark Schlabach took on the task today of selecting 40 teams out of the 120 FBS schools to ‘separate the haves from the have-nots.’ LINK. I believe they mean if they wanted to start a 40 team FBS, then these are the 40 teams that are relevant enough to make the cut.

I guess you could say the point of this is really nothing other than this is the end of dead week before fall camp begins and the talking heads from need some face time before Corso, Herbstreit, May, and Holtz hit the tellies and steal some thunder.

1. USC Trojans, selected by Pat Forde
2. Florida Gators, selected by Mark Schlabach
3. Oklahoma Sooners, selected by Ivan Maisel
4. Texas Longhorns, selected by Pat Forde
5. LSU Tigers, selected by Mark Schlabach
6. Ohio State Buckeyes, selected by Ivan Maisel
7. Penn State, selected by Pat Forde
8. Alabama Crimson Tide, selected by Mark Schlabach
9. Notre Dame Fighting Irish, selected by Ivan Maisel
10. Georgia Bulldogs, selected by Pat Forde
11. Michigan Wolverines, selected by Mark Schlabach
12. Nebraska Cornhuskers, selected by Ivan Maisel
13. Virginia Tech, selected by Pat Forde
14. Florida State, selected by Mark Schlabach
15. Tennessee Volunteers, selected by Ivan Maisel


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