Joe Ganz Dating Melissa Midwest ?!?!?

First off, don’t kid yourself. I know that you know who Melissa Midwest is so I’ll leave the introduction out. However, feel free to double check who she is with the link below at home later. Secondly, it’s not like I go visit Melissa Midwest’s website once a week everyday so I wouldn’t know this without help from one our readers, PJD.

Here’s Melissa’s July 28th post which I’ll quote word for word:

“Wow the last 10 days have been really crazy for me and this update will work out perfect! It’s time for an all time favorite set so I used some of my favorite Husker Football pics. These are some of my crazy ones after some games and yes I was pretty drunk in most of them ha ha. It’s getting close to kick off just over a month and don’t tell, but I have been going on some dates with an ex husker quarterback. I won’t say his name but I bet you can figure it out. lol! I never been on a date with a quarterback but I guess it fits I was after all a cheerleader. Also don’t forget I am doing bachelor parties again…. “

Since we don’t have the proper sources or a paid subscription at this time to 100% confirm this, we’re simply putting 2 & 2 together. You can read for yourself here – LINK NSFW OBVIOUSLY – second entry down on the right, next to the Husker gameday/topless/hot dog pictures.

If you’re wondering about Ganz‘ NFL career, he just recently said that he was on a ‘call list’ for a few teams and the CFL was still an option. In other words, he’s got time.

Move over for the second time, Sam Keller. Unless Melissa is blatantly lying and Casey Connelly has started her own ‘adults only’ website, then Joe Ganz has outdone you once again. NFL or not, it looks like it’s paying to be a Husker quarterback these days.

God (and anyone who knows more) help me.

**Update: Many thanks to one of our readers – skerfan – for getting the scoop:

Ok here is the skinny on this story.

Joe was back in Lincoln recently for an autograph session. They went out on a couple of dates, but that is where the fairy tail ends. He has since flown back home and the two have gone separate ways.

Glad I could help!


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