Football Schedule Generators

Just a few quick ideas for some handy television and schedule guides that you can print off or download to your computer. Both will be updated throughout the season as new information becomes available.

First, Matt Sarz from does a broadcast schedule from week to week and conference to conference. It’s a great guide to utilize on a week to week basis throughout the fall and to take to the sports bar with you so you don’t spend half of the day watching your waitress try to find your game on satellite. Check it out here.

Another great site for links to schedules, television listings, lines, previews, and polls is You’ll definitely want to bookmark it or just use the link “LSU Football” on the sidebar here for easy access.

The best schedule generator out there comes from Strangest Brew. There you can select any team, any conference, or a giant conglomeration of teams that only you care about and create a season schedule complete with helmets, television listings, and times. From there, just print off and hang in your office or at home. Trust me, that C+ paper hanging on your refrigerator needs to come down to make room for this thing. It’s great. Check it out here.

Finally, on a side note, I’ve recently started following about 25 Division 1 coaches on DXP’s Twitter account. Interesting stuff. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that by far the most entertaining one out there is Pete Carroll. You’re sure to get everything from new music, inspirational video links that he shows to the team, and of course shout-outs to all of his coaching friends around college football.

Said Peter Carroll to new Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian yesterday: @coachsark hey sark, good luck getting started with camp. i’d send a message to kiff but i think he got kicked off twitter already


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