CBS Sports BlogPoll Top 25

Brian at MGoBlog is once again governing the BlogPoll for 2009. And once again, we will be taking our part in this ever exciting event.

Since this is the first poll and it’s due on Monday, I went ahead and put it together. In the future, I’ll post the drafts so I can get your feedback and make adjustments accordingly.

Here’s the official DXP preseason poll:

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Southern Cal
4 Oklahoma
5 California
6 Alabama
7 Penn State
8 Notre Dame
9 Mississippi
10 Ohio State
11 Boise State
12 Oklahoma State
13 Georgia
14 LSU
15 Virginia Tech
16 Brigham Young
17 Nebraska
18 TCU
19 Iowa
20 Oregon
21 Miami (Florida)
22 Georgia Tech
23 Rutgers
24 Pittsburgh
25 Illinois

A few items I should explain:

  • I’m not exactly on the Ole Miss bandwagon this season as I don’t think they’re elite by any means. However, if you could draw up an easier schedule for any SEC team, then let me know.
  • I also struggled with putting Alabama as high as I did with only 4 starters returning on offense. Nonetheless, if they can get by a Va. Tech team minus Darren Evans in week one, then they have only 4 road games remaining with the toughest one of those being @ Auburn. A lucky break for Saban as they’ll be favored in every game with the exception of maybe Ole Miss, and that’s a big maybe.
  • Notre Dame should be favored in all but one game this season – @ home vs. USC. Most of the Top 25 would go 11-1 with their schedule. This team has talent and I think they’ll get 10 wins.
  • BYU gets a fairly high ranking despite their first week draw vs. Oklahoma that will set them 0-1 and a tough one in Provo vs. Florida State on September 19th. However, both TCU and Utah must play in the Temple this season which should put them back on top of the MWC.
  • I have Rutgers and Pittsburgh ranked. Before you second guess me, take a look at their schedules and tell me how either team won’t win at least 9 games.
  • Miami, FL‘s first four games – @ Florida State, vs. Georgia Tech, @ Virginia Tech, vs. Oklahoma – are crucial and winnable for this team with 16 returning starters. If they go 2-2, 8 or 9 wins should be expected.

And with the odds in Las Vegas, I’m kind of leaning on a Penn State vs. California title game. Cal’s schedule and Penn State’s schedule are ridiculous.


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