Rex Burkhead Fever Has Begun

As Mitch Sherman from the OWH alluded to today, the myth, the legend that is Rex Burkhead is about to appear before our very eyes much sooner than we could have ever expected.

Some quotes taken from Sherman’s post:

Tom Inman, Burkhead’s former basketball coach:

“I remember five years ago when everybody told me Rex Burkhead was going to be a middle school stud, high school dud. I told them, ‘You’re crazy.’ For all those people who say he’s overrated, just wait four more years until he’s turned that Nebraska program around. You don’t know how much Rex would just love to be a kid named Rex from Texas. Those days are gone, but he is still so amazingly uncomfortable with all the attention.””

Harvard defensive end Reid McCann, Burkhead’s former prep foe at Lake Highlands High School in Dallas:

“I’ll tell you right now, you don’t ever doubt Rex Burkhead. Call me in four years, because I’m sure people will doubt that he’s going to do it in the NFL. But he’ll always prove you wrong. I’m a huge Rex Burkhead fan, because I know that no matter what, he wants it more than you do.”

The nicknames for Burkhead are going to plentiful to begin with, but I just wonder what’s going to stick.


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