Tuesday’s Offensive Practice Report

Some interesting things taken from Jon Nyatawa of the OWH after practice on Tuesday:

  • Cody Green has emerged ahead of Latravis Washington and is now the #2 QB behind Zac Lee. According to Shawn Watson, Green has been “making better decisions.” It should be interesting to see what type of playing time Green will get in the first two games. Obviously, the redshirt debate is over with now. How about Cody Green and Rex Burkhead in the same backfield vs. Florida Atlantic? Uh, yeah!
  • Although Watson wants a group of seven receivers to rotate this season, it appears only one – Niles Paul – has cemented himself in the rotation. I still expect some of the veterans – Menelik Holt and Chris Brooks namely – to have by far their best seasons as Huskers. Also, you have to know by now that our tight ends are going to put up big numbers and take some of the burden off of this group. In fact, don’t be shocked if we see Mike McNeill put up Jermaine Gresham type of numbers this season.
  • It sounds as if Marcus Mendoza is already feeling comfortable back at running back. Said Mendoza,

    “I had kind of talked to the coaches about it before, and then the situation (with Quentin Castille) happened, and then made the switch back.I’m not going back thinking that I earned anything just because I’ve been there. I know I’ve got to compete and work for a job, and that’s what I’m doing.”

    His time working with the receivers should prove to be a valuable asset when we need to rely on the passing game. I’ve always been a fan of Mendoza’s speed and elusiveness. It’s just a shame that he can’t grow to 6’1, 235 lbs on third and short.

  • With DJ Jones pushing Marcel Jones at right tackle and Andy Christensen battling Ricky Henry at guard, the offensive line is proving to be deep. I’d still be very surprised, however, if Ricky Henry and Marcel Jones don’t start.

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