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Baylor’s New Uniforms

July 21, 2009

Although they aren’t quite as important to Nike as Oregon, the Baylor Bears just received some new football garb just in time for the 2009 season.

Said coach Art Briles, “Our players are excited about the new uniforms and are working hard this summer to have a great year on the field this fall. The players and equipment staff worked with Nike to design a contemporary set of uniforms that would represent Baylor well and appeal to recruits.”

You know how much recruiting has changed in today’s game when you are using new Nike uniforms as a recruiting tool. Also, having Robert Griffith III sporting them never hurts.

And speaking of Oregon, if you haven’t checked out what you’ll see in 2009 from the Ducks, then look below (or click here for the complete gallery.)

Go ahead and laugh at Oregon all you want, but according to, odds are their uniforms are at least 25% lighter than your team’s uniforms and they won’t absorb moisture if the conditions get wet. Tacky? Check. High performance? Check.

And if you are counting at home, you’re seeing 80 different uniform possibilities.