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2008 Nebraska Football: Big 12 North (co)Champions

December 1, 2008

I don’t even know where to begin. First, the DXP crew would like to congratulate the new Nebraska coaching staff and the players for their hard work this season. It’s fair to say that an 8-4 record and a Big 12 North Championship (shared with Missouri) well exceeded the expectations of the Husker faithful. To think that one errant pass by Joe Ganz in overtime at Texas Tech cost us the outright North Championship. Next, we want to give a huge thanks to the Kansas Jayhawks and congratulate them on a great game last Saturday (although we still think it is unfair that you still got to go to a BCS bowl game last year and we don’t this year.) And last but certainly not least, a very gracious thanks goes out to the Missouri Tiger players, coaches, and fans everywhere. I know I am always one that gives Missouri a little too much credit (i.e. here, here, and here), but this time I really am being sincere. I could never truly even begin to understand how big of a heart the Tigers must have to be willing to share a Big 12 North Division trophy 2 years in a row.