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Mike DeArmond Is Blogging Again; Knows Why Nebraska Was Picked 1st

July 28, 2009

For reasons not yet known, I decided to go check in on Mad Mike’s mad blog at the Kansas City Star after last week’s debacle –LINK . And now that I read his latest blog installment titled “Media Ignorance?,” I’m officially making it my last visit. Unfortunately, I read it and now so must you.

In his latest attempt to debunk why Nebraska was voted first in the Big 12 Preseason Poll, the Missouri Tigers’ media ace in the hole comes up with this:

“The media that picked Nebraska to win the Big 12 North over Kansas and Missouri in the league’s voting, aren’t abso-tooting-lutely nuts. They’re just blissfully unaware. My new theory, and I’m sticking to it, is that too many media members who primarily cover the South division relied on the tradition of what Nebraska used to be, not on what they are, one of merely three Big 12 North contenders that are all flawed in one way or another this season.

“Can’t pick Kansas; everyone knows that is a basketball school. Can’t pick Missouri; couldn’t win with Coffman, Maclin and Daniel so sure as heck can’t win without them.
So who is left? Nebraska! The Cornhuskers used to be really good.”

“By the way, Nebraska center Jacob Hickman is a hoot.
Asked about having to play at Kansas and at Missouri this season, Hickman acknowledged Missouri fans can get a bit “rowdy.”
“Obviously, they are rambunctious fans,” Hickman said. “I got spit on a couple of times the last time I went out there. But that’s beside the point.
“If anything, that encourages you. . . if you do that it can help you, propel you, in the game.””

To summarize, Nebraska isn’t a basketball school nor did we lose Chase x 2 and Maclin, and therefore, the 17 out of 32 media representatives who voted Nebraska first on their ballots did so because of what Nebraska used to be. Either I’m abso-tooting-lutely nuts or he just really said that.

Not only does this clown attempt to insult the intelligence of every other Big 12 media representative out there but also insults the intelligence of every college football fan out there.

Nonetheless, Missouri still loves ya Mike. You’re a hoot.


Mike DeArmond of the Kansas City Star Starts Blogging; Rips Nebraska

July 23, 2009

In the Kansas City Star’s newest feature to keep the newspaper afloat another year, Missouri’s finest beat reporter, Mike DeArmond, blogs for the very first time. It’s adorable.

Mike looks like he took out five minutes -maybe a few more with bathroom breaks – of his day to share with the world as to why Nebraska won’t win the Big 12 North this season. Once again, Mike does his damnedest to prove to the world why Missouri will always be the class laughingstock of the Big 12 (North.)

Read Mike’s blog entry, “Nebraska Isn’t Back Yet,” right here. (I’ll show you everything you need to see below.)

Mike’s most articulate and convincing points:

  • “Those people picking Nebraska to win the Big 12 North are abso-tooting-lutely nuts. This would include the venerable Phil Steele of Phil Steele’s (Venerable) College Football Preview fame.”
  • “The only reason I can see anyone picking Nebraska to win the North over either Kansas or Missouri this fall is they think Tom Osborne is recruiting and coaching the Cornhuskers instead of recruiting and being the athletic director and boss to Bo Pelini.”
  • “I can see a logical person – like myself – picking Kansas as the favorite. Todd Reesing is the most proven quarterback in the Big 12 North by a long shot. KU also has one of the two best receivers in the league in Dezmon Briscoe and a real gamer at wide out in Kerry Meier. Sure, KU’s offensive line appears suspect. And all those linebackers have to be replaced. But you can see picking Kansas to win the North.”
  • “I think Missouri – the Big 12 North’s representative in the league title game the past two seasons – is a solid No. 2 pick. Here’s where I shake my head in wonder at anyone picking Nebraska over Missouri but over Kansas as well. The Cornhuskers have an inexperienced quarterback, lost just as much as Missouri on offense, don’t have a running back of the caliber of MU’s Derrick Washington. Shouting The Blackshirts Are Back! seems based more on the hope that Bo Pelini is a defensive genius rather than a first-year college head coach that was simply better than Bill Callahan.”
  • “Here, really, is the main thing that leads me to believe Nebraska will NOT win the Big 12 North and could finished behind either Kansas or Missouri. The schedule. Kansas plays arguably the top two teams in the Big 12, hosting Oklahoma and playing at Texas. The Border War game with Missouri is again in Kansas City, where the Jayhawks and Tigers have split the last two games. KU should be favored to win the rest of its league games, including Nebraska in Lawrence on Nov. 14. Missouri’s toughest league road game will be at Oklahoma State. The Tigers play host to Texas, and play Kansas in KC. The Tigers should (I contend) be favored to win the rest of the games, including Oct. 8 in the league home opener against Nebraska. Often ignored fact: Missouri has beaten Nebraska three straight times in Columbia by an average of 23 points a game. Nebraska plays host to Oklahoma, but running around in front of the home folk doesn’t mean much against the Sooners. A Nebraska team that isn’t Oklahoma plays AT Missouri and Kansas.”

“Mad Mike” finished his blog with…. “There now. I feel better. I’ve finished my first real blog. I don’t feel nearly as dirty as I thought I would.” Welcome to the blogosphere, jackass. Let me roll out the red carpet for you. You may not feel dirty, but I speak on behalf of all us bloggers and commenters everywhere that we all feel like we just got done rolling around in shit.

Now, let’s address your points Mike.

Nebraska doesn’t have one running back of Derrick Washington’s caliber, they have two. The “Blackshirts are Back!” talk is based on the fact that Nebraska finished second in the Big 12 in 2008 in total defense and have a few all of their biggest weapons back. I shouldn’t even have to say this, but ‘Tom Osborne being boss to Bo Pelini’ has nothing to do with it.

Kansas having to play Oklahoma and Texas are two losses given that the Lawrence High Chesty Lions have a better offensive line. Kansas also travels to Colorado and to Texas Tech. .

Ask anyone from Missouri with a GED if Nebraska lost just as much as Missouri on offense. Go ahead, ask someone. Missouri’s first 4 Big 12 games – vs. Nebraska, @ Oklahoma State, vs. Texas, @ Colorado – means the Tigers could be (according to the dirty guys from Las Vegas, anyways) 0-4 to start league play, which doesn’t count their remaining games vs. Robert Griffin III, @ Kansas State, and vs. Kansas in your backyard. The ‘venerable’ Phil Steele even told you all of this.

This is the same Mike DeArmond infamous for this Missouri Tiger YouTube video below.

If you like that video above, check out his take on Oklahoma Sooner fans by clicking here.

You would think that it would be embarrassing for the Kansas City Star and for Mike DeArmond that I can run over to our friends at the Mizzourah and Rock M Nation blogs and get everything I need to know regarding Missouri in a coherent manner. It’s not. They have integrity. Some may think guys like Mike DeArmond give bloggers a bad rap. In fact, they don’t. It’s guys like Mike DeArmond that make bloggers stronger.

Dan Hawkins Has Entered the Blogosphere

October 4, 2007

Houston we have a problem. Scratch that. Houston we have brilliance. Colorado coach Dan ‘Hawk’ Hawkins has started his own blog and it is frickin’ awesome. He is only two pieces deep into the dark, mysterious world of CFB blogging but I already know and like him better than I would have ever thought.

If you didn’t like Coach Hawkins after this infamous rant or after this blog, then go play intramurals brother, this is Division I football.

This is why Hawkins claims he’s doing it:

“From time to time I would like to give some information that you may find useful, entertaining, or help you form opinions about me or Colorado Football. I have to warn you that some of it may be a little eclectic, and not the usual sports banter. You can always get the usual information from other sources.”


“Love it. Let me turn you on to Great Big Sea. Sort of a folk/pop/rock band from Newfoundland. Check ‘em out you like it (as you’ll find out I like stuff off the beaten path).”

This is as in depth as he gets about the win over #3 Oklahoma:

“I knew we would win on Saturday. Why? Our guys had a body of work that they could draw from. Their experiences had given them what they needed to form the proper frame of mind. All that was needed was for us to go out and sing our song and do our dance! Dance we did.”

“It was a glorious fall afternoon at Folsom—a little bite to the air, leaves letting go of summer and bleeding into winter, a low sun, and plenty of emotion in the air. Competing against the No. 3 ranked team in the country, you have to feel blessed to be part of that!”

Here is what he did last Thursday:

“Took my wife to Red Rocks on Thursday night to see ABBA. Why? Well, it was for her birthday. Now, I love music, but I can say I’m not much of an ABBA guy, but my wife is……Red Rocks was stunning, the concert was fun, and the time spent with her was priceless. Remember? Focus on the process, just get better, quit trying to win and just be a winner….”

And finally:

“Hey, I am sure you want me to go on about the game, but it’s over—long over and we have to get ready for Baylor who took it to us last year. No time to look back, there will be plenty of those stories other places.

My point? Good things happen to good people, quit trying to win and just be a winner, focus on the process not the product, and as Coach Hurdle says, “Just keep pumping the pump.”

Are you kidding me? The only part of the blog I don’t like is that he doesn’t write everyday. Love or hate Colorado (and I know, including myself, which side most readers here take), this is great – so great that he ends all his blogs in ‘PEACE.’ Can you imagine Billy Callahan’s blog? I can’t either. I bet he doesn’t take his wife to Red Rocks on a Thursday night – my guess is a typical Thursday night involves going over X’s and O’s with Zac Taylor as he prepares him for ‘a tremendous opportunity in the CFL in terms of evolving not as a player but as a future head coach.’

And the the best part about this blog? You don’t have to be an Alumni who pays $1,200 a year to read it.

Big 12 Preseason Blogger Poll

July 26, 2007

Peter at BON has the final tally of votes, but here is my individual ballot for the Big 12 Preseason Blogger Poll.


1. Texas
2. Oklahoma
3. Oklahoma State
4. Texas A&M
5. Texas Tech
6. Baylor


1. Missouri
2. Nebraska
3. Kansas State
4. Kansas
5. Colorado
6. Iowa State

All-conference team, by UNIT. List your top two schools only.

1. Texas
2. Missouri

1. Texas A&M
2. Oklahoma

Wide Receivers:
1. Texas
2. Oklahoma

Offensive Line:
1. Oklahoma
2. Texas A&M

Defensive Line:
1. Texas
2. Oklahoma

1. Nebraska
2. Texas

1. Oklahoma
2. Texas Tech

Offensive Player of the Year:
1. Colt McCoy, Texas

Defensive Player of the Year:
1. Reggie Smith, OU

Best Offense (Team), Big 12:
1. Oklahoma State
2. Missouri

Best Defense (Team), Big 12:
1. Texas
2. Oklahoma

Most exciting/interesting/compelling conference game of the season (you may not vote for a game involving your school. e.g. the red river shootout is not a choice for texas or oklahoma bloggers.)

Oklahoma vs. Texas

Most exciting/interesting/compelling non-conference game of the season (same as above; don’t vote for a game involving your team)

Oklahoma State vs. Georgia

Here are the other Big 12 blogs who participated.

Big Red Roundtable: Post-Spring Game Reflections

April 24, 2007

Another Big Red Roundtable is upon us. Today we look at our post-spring impressions.

1. Keller or Ganz. Pick one, then give three reasons.

Keller. Three reasons huh?

One: Blondie on the left.

Two: Brunette on the right.

Three: 461 yards, 4 TDs and a passing efficiency rating of 155.22 against #5 LSU in 2005.

2. The most impressive guy at the Spring Game?

My dad? I guess I should have mentioned this before, but I didn’t actually see any of the Spring Game. Thus, I’m just going on reports. Based on that Suh seemed to have a pretty impressive day. And I don’t know, how about Shawn Watson and Ted Gilmore calling the plays while Callahan relaxed in the booth.

3. If you were the Athletic Director, what would you do with the proceeds?

Let’s see 55,000 fans at $8 a head means roughly $440,000. Paying off our existing debt is BORING! So, we’ll think outside the box. How about a huge party on September 15 with USC visiting Lincoln? We invite back the 1997 team to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their national championship (Muck Fichigan!). Not only does Dr. Tom take the field, but so does the indomitable Frank Solich at the request of Steve Pederson (Ohio plays at VT that day, but play along). The ’97 team takes the field during the pregame, with Pederson tucked away in a suite or in a corner or something. Coach Callahan shakes hands with Dr. Tom and Solich. The crowd offers a roaring standing ovation for Solich’s contributions and those of the incredibly talented 1997 Huskers. God smites Broderick Thomas with permanent laryngitis. And Husker Nation lives happily ever after.

4. Do 54,000 people show up at Nebraska’s Spring Game because there is really nothing else to do in Nebraska or because we’re more in love with our Huskers than anyone else is with their team?

Well, clearly there is nothing else to do in Nebraska and we like our Huskers. But Alabama loves their team and Nick “I don’t have time for this shit” Saban way more than we could ever imagine.

5. When you heard Marlon Lucky was injured, your first thought was…

…honestly I think I probably sounded a bit like old school Too Short – Mother fucking shit god damn asshole. But I was far more worried about his mental health. After fighting back from his curious medical emergency it seemed unfair to be hurt late in the spring game. I was extremely relieved to hear the injury was minor. I seriously hope that guy has AFLAC.

6. Were you at all concerned by the fairly modest rushing performance overall by the Red team or is that a sign there’s some depth on the defensive front seven?

Whoa, I’m a stats junkie and I can honestly say this is the first I’ve heard about modest rushing numbers. After losing all four starters on the defensive front, I don’t think we have much depth in our front seven. But the spring game rushing isn’t a big concern to me right now. We outrushed our opponent in 9 of our 14 games last season and the only change is no BJax. I think we’ll be okay, but get back to me in September.

7. Callahan called the receiving corps the strength of the team. Would you tend to agree with that or would you choose another aspect (e.g. linebackers)?

I do agree with Callahan. I think the trendy answer will be the linebackers, but I’m not convinced they go as deep as the receivers. Nunn, Purify, Swift and Peterson are all capable guys. Factor in Hardy, Dan Erickson’s blocking, and youngsters Will Henry, and Meno Holt and I think we have our deepest unit.

At linebacker we have Ruud, McKeon, Octavian, Dillard, Brandenburgh, and occasionally a healthy Nick Covey. Out of that group only Ruud and McKeon have proven their worth over an entire season. Octavian is an enigmatic pinball of talent, waiting to be pushed in the right direction. We’ll see if Cosgrove has both flippers functioning in 2007. Dillard is fighting his way back from injury and Brandenburgh has never gotten enough PT. Both are only likely to see their minutes increase in a 3-4 schematic shift.

So yeah, the WRs are the strength of our team right now.

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Obligatory Spring Game Post

April 16, 2007

I suppose I should say something about Saturday’s ultra-competitive spring scrimmage. I put something up at the FanHouse, but can elaborate here a bit more.

· First, I didn’t actually see any of it. I was in small town Texas for a yeehaw wedding. We had a great time at the wedding and it was nice to be meet a bunch of new friends and future family members. Even if they were Aggies. I sorta had a chance to watch the game, as the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at had Direct TV. But since the reception was in full force at 8:00 I decided to be a team player and remain at the festivities. They tell me this is called “maturity”.

· I don’t really know what to say about the current spring game format. It certainly does make it the game very interesting for the fans – especially with a scoreless second half. I would love to see us do what Texas A&M does, having two sets of captains actually draft the respective teams. If we are going to have planned TD celebrations, its not like the coaching staff is completely anti-fun.

· Both quarterbacks apparently looked good and obviously nothing was settled with regards to this battle. Meh. Gives us something to talk about from now until the first game.

· Callahan called the receivers one of the team’s strengths. It certainly is a much, much deeper unit than we he arrived in 2004. Now if we could just find a tight end.

· Ndamukong Suh evidently looked good, which is a great sign for the inexperienced defensive line. He finished with three tackles for loss, and two sacks.

· Randy Jordan “couldn’t breathe” when he saw Marlon Lucky go down in the 4th quarter. Coach Callahan is calling it a sprain, but hasn’t Lucky endured enough this off-season?

I don’t have much else to say right now. As always check out what other Husker bloggers are saying:

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Ranking the Big 12 Coaches

April 5, 2007

Tom Dienhart recently provided his rankings of the Big 12 head coaches. Dienhart’s list looked like this:

1. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma
2. Mack Brown, Texas
3. Bill Callahan, Nebraska
4. Mike Leach, Texas Tech
5. Mark Mangino, Kansas
6. Dennis Franchione, Texas A&M
7. Dan Hawkins, Colorado
8. Gary Pinkel, Missouri
9. Guy Morriss, Baylor
10. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State
11. Ron Prince, Kansas State
12. Gene Chizik, Iowa State

It’s hard to argue with the top two coaches listed, although some might question the order of Stoops and Brown. I’d give the edge to Stoops right now based on what he did last season alone. In addition, his national championship came without the benefit of Vince Young. Clichéd statement for sure, but its not without at least some merit.

For me, the surprise actually comes with our own Bill Callahan at third, or first among coaches who haven’t won a national title. According to Dienhart:

“Give him kudos for daring to change the culture in option-football mad Lincoln. It hasn’t gone smoothly, but Callahan has the Huskers poised for a breakthrough. No one knows the game better than Callahan, the only Big 12 boss who has coached a Super Bowl team.”

Yes, Callahan has a Super Bowl on his resume, but the bottom line at this point is a 22-15 record (13-12 vs. Big 12) during his three-year stint in Lincoln. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s the right man for the job, but I would have ranked Mike Leach ahead of him at this point. Leach has helped change the Big 12 from a power-running conference, into one of the more pass-happy leagues in the country.

The rest of the list seems pretty straightforward. Mangino, Franchione and Hawkins make up a pretty good second tier of coaches. A&M fans will question Mangino over Franchione, but hey, he’s phat. I would probably flip Pinkel and Gundy. Gundy is on his way up, while Pinkel seems to be on the perpetual hot seat in Columbia. Besides, Gundy will no doubt benefit from the free-spending of Boone Pickens.

Prince and Chizik round out the list due to their lack of experience. Although neither had prior head coaching experience, Prince still seems like the bigger gamble of the two.

Big Red Roundtable – Pre-spring Edition

March 26, 2007

This month’s Big Red Roundtable is being hosted by Husker Mike. It includes the usual cast of characters as well as new faces Midwest Coast Bias and Husker H8ter, AJ (really?). Welcome to the table fellas.

1. The coaching staff says the quarterback race is wide open between Sam Keller, Joe Ganz, Beau Davis, and Patrick Witt. What is your expectation as how this will turn out next season?

I’ve mentioned this already, but I actually like the QBs sharing snaps in the spring. It gives all four a chance to show the coaches what they can do and should do little to negatively impact the progress of the offense come fall. That being said, I believe it is a two-man race between Ganz and Keller. Ganz knows the offense and is as gritty as they come. While he doesn’t have the physical tools of Keller he should be comfortable in the system and might benefit from low expectations. Keller will wind up the starter, but he better not expect guys like Ganz to lay down for him. Keller has the weight of Husker Nation on his shoulders and will have to be prepared to deal with the pressure. Here’s to hoping that the parking incident wasn’t a sign of chinks in his mental armor. If he stays healthy and lives up to even the most modest of expectations, he could leave with a bevy of school records all-conference honors to boot.

2. Besides quarterback, what positions will have the biggest battles and how do you expect them to work out?

I think one of the biggest battles will occur at the safety positions. Right now we have newcomer Larry Asante battling Ricky Thenarse at SS and Tierre Green and Anthony West fighting for the FS spot. With the way things are lined up back there, I’m wondering if the spring is a battle for the SS spot with a chance for the loser of that fight to slide over and compete at FS in the fall. The only reason I’m thinking this is that Thenarse and Asante could very well be our two best safeties. What good does it do us to keep one of them off the field?

I also think we will have a good battle at BDE between Zach Potter and Pierre Allen. Allen is getting all the spring publicity after gaining 40 pounds during his redshirt year, but Potter could benefit from knowing the defense a little better. With a completely re-tooled defensive line, the battle at BDE will be important to our overall defensive success at 2007.

3. Two years ago, the 2005 recruiting class was touted as one of the nation’s best. Only a few players from this group have made an impact thus far; who do you expect to emerge this spring?

The 2005 class has certainly had its share of disappointments and is unlikely to ever match the promise that year’s Signing Day. Most fans penciled the bulk of that group in as immediate starters and impact players. While we see a bunch of contributors and a few certified stars (Zac Taylor, Zack Bowman), there is quite a glaring list of washouts.

When looking at who could breakout in 2007, I think Ndamukong Suh has to top the list. Coaches drooled over his NFL-body as a high school star and a few years under Dave Kennedy could not have hurt. With the DT spots wide-open and Coach Callahan claiming Suh to have “all-conference” potential, I expect big things from Ndamukong in 2007. Phillip Dillard is another player that I believe could emerge in 2007. From what I saw from Dillard prior to his injury in 2006, he looked like the prototypical MIKE backer. He’s a little bigger than McKeon and if he comes back healthy could push for time and might actually force Cosgrove to figure out a way to get four linebackers on the field at the same time.

4. In the 1990’s, Coach Osborne started matching up the #1 offense against the #1 defense in the spring game. Bill Callahan switched this around and put the #1 offense and defense on the same team, playing against the reserves. Do you prefer a format?

As a fan, I obviously prefer to watch a spring game that pits #1s against #1s. I was in Lincoln for last year’s spring game and found it boring to watch for the most part. I know Osborne stole the idea of #1s against #1s from Bobby Bowden who attributed his team’s in-season progress to matching up the speed of his #1 defense against his #1 offense at least three days per week. The problem with this can be that starters may be more likely to be injured. I mean do we really want to lose Marlon Lucky for the year due to a spring collision with Steve Octavian or Corey McKeon? One thing that I think could help our team overall is that we seem to be developing more depth at many positions. This year it is possible that the reserve secondary facing Keller or Ganz could include Andre Jones, Armando Murillo, Ricky Thenarse and Anthony West. That is quite an upgrade over years past and the offense should benefit from competing against improved depth on the defensive side of the ball.

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Monday Bits and Pieces

February 26, 2007

Before we start, I have to admit it is getting a little lonely around here. Remember when DXP had a bunch of lively contributors? What the hell happened? I heard from Sammy Vegas this weekend and he will be returning shortly. What about T. and/or A. Rose? You guys game for some pieces this off-season? Oh and Dr. D if you can take a break from the “Fornication Vacation” you’ll always have a spot too. Just let me know guys.

· The LJS is reporting that Joe Rudolph is perhaps the leading candidate for the TE coaching vacancy. Rudolph played for Wisconsin (while Callahan coached there) and earned first team All-Big Ten honors twice and helped the Badgers win the Big Ten and Rose Bowl as a senior. In the NFL, he spent two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and two with the San Francisco 49ers before injuries cut his career short in 1998. Rudolph is currently a member of the Ohio State strength and conditioning staff, but was formerly a GA with the Buckeyes who assisted with the offensive line.

· The Day 4 NFL Combine results are posted and Brandon Jackson seems to have had a pretty decent day. He won’t be happy with his 4.57 time in the forty, but he did show good explosiveness and change of direction with a 4.14 time in his 20-yard shuttle. Jackson also posted a 37’ inch vertical 10’2” broad jump. I’m still thinking he is a 3rd or 4th round pick.

· The Seattle Seahawks have tagged former Husker Josh Brown as their franchise player. Brown is the only kicker among this season’s seven franchise players. He led the league with four game-winning FGs in 2006 and is quickly becoming the leagues top clutch kicker. By rule the Seahawks will be forced to pay Brown just more than $2 million.

· Finally, we see what serves as a Texas-sized celebration around these parts. Apparently this is a group of Longhorn fans throwing down after the win over OU. I don’t think we really need to worry about that whole “Keep Austin Weird” movement.

Reducing the Pile

February 2, 2007

Things have certainly piled up as I’ve reminded myself that graduate school is not a time for leisurely pursuits. Nope, that’s what law school is for. In other words, I’ve found it difficult lately to fill space here with my proboscis pressed firmly to the proverbial grindstone. But better days are hopefully ahead when something Nebraska football-related actually happens. Who knew the off-season was going to be so off?

· The 2006 College Football Blog Awards wrapped up yesterday, and you can play catch-up if you missed the whirlwind presentations back at Rocky Top Talk.

· DXP is humbled to have finished second in the Best Big 12 Blog category to BON. I didn’t find out about said finish until seeing DT’s comment here. I guess that is the blogging equivalent of receiving an Oscar nod and then blowing off the ceremony. But seriously finishing second to BON is a bit like placing runner up to Miles Davis in a “cool” contest. Those guys are just that good.

· My original joke above was “like finishing second to a high school wrestler in a herpes contest”. What? Too soon?

· National Signing Day is officially less than one week away. The always punctual SMQ jumped the gun and provides his Signing Day opus a week early. I’m with him, though isn’t it usually on February 1st? Apparently National Signing Day is more of the President’s Day floating date type holiday than that of the Christmas variety.

· Speaking of recruiting, several bloggers have noted the “creepy” feel that it seems to have taken on lately. I for one, can’t get off to the exploits of high school boys, until they’ve signed on the dotted line. Therefore, my time at high schools is spent…researching…for a book I’m writing…on cheerleaders.

· Heisman Pundit has a great read about the recruitment of recent Heisman winners, including that of Eric Crouch.

· The Nick Saban “Piss off the World World Tour” continues with a derogatory ethnic slur that “is highly offensive to descendants of Acadians, who are commonly referred to as Cajuns”. I’m not claiming Nick’s not a nice guy, but its like my rabbi always says, “The first time someone calls you a horse you punch him on the nose, the second time someone calls you a horse you call him a jerk but the third time someone calls you a horse, well then perhaps it’s time to go shopping for a saddle.”

· And lastly, GO BEARS!!!!