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2010 College Pick ‘Em Contests

August 13, 2009

Join DXP with KU blog Oread Boom Kings and MU blog Mizzourah in our yearly college pick ’em contests.

The ESPN group is little more amateurish and you just pick games straight up on confidence points. The Yahoo group will be picked on point spreads with confidence points so the difficulty and excitement is twofold.

And when you sign up, make sure to put either a NU, KU, or MU next to your team name so you can be identified for better or for worse. In fact, it doesn’t matter what school you are from, just identify yourself.

Here’s the ESPN link:

Group Name: Big 12 North
Group Password: big12champs

Here’s the Yahoo link:

Group ID #: 7272
Group Password: big12champs

We might be having a few more guests join in on the fun, but I wanted to let you get a jump start on the sign-up. Also, it’s a good idea to have both groups send you a reminder on Friday to make your picks so you don’t forget a week. There will be a message board at Yahoo so feel free to voice your enthusiasm or disgust as needed.

DXP Tournament Update + Quick Hit Friday

April 3, 2009

Yes, I’m alive! Secondly, thanks to A. Rose for carrying the site for awhile in my absence. I was surprised that 90% of what he concocted was able to make it through the screening room. We consider that a job very well done. Anyways, I have some quick thoughts I wanted to get rid of before next week.

DXP/Mizzourah Tournament Update

Once again, thanks to everyone who joined us in the DXP and Mizzourah tournament contest at yahoo! sports. I learned two things. One, Jeffie Husker is somewhere on the planet with WiFi. Two, Mizzourah fans may never win another joint contest with us again.

Correct Picks
Possible Pts
1 Jeffie Husker 47 of 60 93 157
1 schue1 txcornhead 45 of 60 93 141
3 5 Star Prospect Dana Cz 48 of 60 92 108
4 Sometimes Tigers EAT Tigers! rmb81477 44 of 60 91 139
5 DaveMacD Dave 45 of 60 90 154
6 Sammy Vegas
43 of 60 89 105
6 Insert Bracket Name Here Justin F 43 of 60 89 105
8 The Hayley Triplets jerad_stock 42 of 60 87 135
9 Smooth-O craftylefty2126 43 of 60 86 102
10 what happened to Curt Dukes? famethrowa 43 of 60 85 133

Quick Hits

*I hope you all didn’t fall in love with the players from the 2008-9 Nebraska Basketball team. With the recent additions of junior college players Quincy Hankins and Lance Jeter to Vander Joaquim, Christian Standhardinger (if he doesn’t play pro ball in Europe), Rayes Gallegos, and Brandon Ubel for the 2009 recruiting class, Doc Sadler has once again pulled in a good haul. Add in Eshaunte Jones, Jorge Diaz, and Christian Niemann from the previous year and that makes me wonder where all of the scholarships are going and how much of the 2008-9 team we will see on the court next season. Returning players Ryan Anderson, Toney McCray, Brandon Richardson, Cookie Miller, Sek Henry, and Chris Balham make 15. Anyone want to help me out here? (I’m being serious, help me out here. Who all’s not getting a scholarship next year?)

*Why is Roy Helu Jr. gaining so much weight? Up to 222 pounds from last season’s 205 pounds isn’t exactly a few pounds here or there. If I recall, Ahman Green‘s worst season at Nebraska was his sophomore season when he was hampered by a turf-toe injury. It’s no coincidence that Green also put on 20 pounds before that season began. I’m not liking this idea, Roy. Secondly, why is Quentin Castille losing so much weight? Down to 235 pounds from around 250 pounds is not a exactly a few pounds here or there. Hopefully the weight loss won’t affect his ability to break tackles and knock defenders over, which is his game. I’m not liking this idea, Quentin.

*Outside of the colossal quarterback battle going on in Lincoln, for me the battle that keeps me most intrigued heading in to next fall is at cornerback. Anthony West, Prince Amukamara, Anthony Blue, Dejon Gomes, Alfonzo Dennard, Lance Thorell, Eric Hagg?? (+ Andrew Green, Lazarri Middleton and Dijon Washington next fall) all seem fine to me. In fact, I think any one of them could see significant playing time at some point next season. Not even Carnac the Magnificent can pick out a starter with any amount of certainty at this point. So you are saying we might have some depth at cornerback? No, really?

*It’s only fair that Bo Pelini gets his raise from $1.1 million to $1.85 million. You also have to love how Pelini cut up some of his bonuses to be divided among the assistant coaches. Now I know why Mike Ekeler didn’t trade Lincoln in for the Florida sun. It’s going to take a big chunk of change to pluck out assistants from this staff. Life is good in Lincoln right now for everyone involved with football.

*That leads to baseball. A. Rose’s insight last month about Mike Anderson ‘Frank-soliching‘ the Husker baseball program isn’t so far off now is it? This team is not good and don’t expect things to change anytime soon as long as Mike Anderson is driving the bus. I’ve been hearing the argument lately that his recruiting has been on but we have been unfortunate to lose so many high schoolers to pro ball. News flash! Nebraska isn’t the only program this is happening to. Baseball was fun at Nebraska while it lasted. The only quick fix here is to get rid of Mike Anderson and wait a few seasons. A fire Mike Anderson week here at DXP? Stay tuned…

*If I hear one more person on ESPN try to tell me that Denver got the best of the Chicago Bears with the Jay Cutler deal, I’m going to lose it. Kyle Orton is not good and Denver will more than likely end up with two late first-round picks who might or might not be busts. Jay Cutler is a 25 year-old Pro Bowl QB who is a sure thing. I’d be sick if I was a Denver Broncos’ fan right now with one of the worst three defenses in the NFL last season and now without Cutler on offense. I’d hate even more to be new coach Josh McDaniels. Talk about putting yourself on the hot seat before your coaching career even starts – way to go. Right now, the Bears are the team to beat in the NFC with Jay Cutler. I never thought I’d see the day when they had a real QB because God knows it wasn’t going to happen as long as Jerry Angelo was still in charge of drafting one.

*I’m amazed at the buzz surrounding North Carolina G Ty Lawson’s recent gambling trip in Detroit. The North Carolina teams arrives in Detroit and coach Roy Williams gives them a 1:30 curfew. Lawson, who is 21, leaves for an hour and comes back with $250 from a craps table at a casino in Detroit’s Greektown – and makes curfew. Of course, the NCAA is freaking out. It’s not like he is hustling guests in the lobby of the hotel or from the bums in Detroit. I hate the NCAA. ITS LEGAL! On the other hand, it’s good to see that Roburt Sallie isn’t the only basketball player that the NCAA is picking on.

The Nebraska spring game is only two weeks away but it can’t come soon enough. DXP will be there, will you?

DXP Basketball Tourney Contest

March 16, 2009

Now that you have had almost a full day to look up and down the tournament bracket, feel free to join us in our tournament challenge. The winner receives either ten thouand for a winning bracket or a million dollars for a perfect bracket. That’s a million dollars from Yahoo and that’s if you win the national contest. That’s not ten thousand or a million dollars from the DXP slush fund for winning the DXP contest. I believe our fellow bloggers from Mizzourah will be joining us again. Therefore, the competition is once again ours to lose even though they have a better basketball team.

Go to following Yahoo link by clicking here.
Enter Group ID#: 134946
Enter Group Password: big 12 ballers (all lower case)

College Bowl Pick ‘Em Contest Update

December 28, 2008

With the first week in the books, here is the first update of the blog showdown between the Huskers, Tigers, and Jayhawks from the Yahoo league. I’m really not sure as to what ‘MU Dylan’ knew that the rest of us didn’t know in his first 11 picks, but rest assured he is using up his confidence points faster than he can count them. I am also counting at least 5 Nebraska entries in the top 15 so job well done so far.

Pick Set
Correct Picks
1 MU Dylan
172 8 of 11
2 Sammy Vegas
128 7 of 11
2 Husker TAZ 128 7 of 11
4 Harry Ballzonya 123 7 of 11
5 Steadfast Pigskins 1
119 7 of 11
6 Mac
116 7 of 11
7 R-score picks 109 4 of 11
8 FightTigersFight! 106 4 of 11
9 Tom S.
105 6 of 11
10 5 Star Prospect
96 6 of 11
11 109th Street Bum
95 7 of 11
12 Racist Dragons 91 7 of 11
13 Husker Power 85 8 of 11
14 Red Sea Surfer 79 7 of 11
15 Big Head’s Choke Job 76 4 of 11

Thanks for joining and good luck to all in…

College Bowl Pick ‘Em Contest

December 8, 2008

Join DXP and fellow Big XII blogs Mizzourah and Kansas Jayhawks – It’s Business Time for a Yahoo College Bowl Pick ‘Em contest. Click here to sign up.

Name: Big 12 Ballers
ID: 21770
PW: big12

I’m pretty sure there will be dominating going on from the neighbors up north but make sure you sign up to take part. Thanks to Big Head from Mizzourah for setting this up. When he asked DXP if we wanted to be a part of the contest, naturally I j*#@ed my pants and said yes.

Congratulations to Sordid Spreadmaker for winning the DXP Yahoo College Pick ‘Em contest. Please drop an email to either Jeffie or myself to claim your prize.

Congratulations to T. Rose for winning the DXP ESPN College Pick ‘Em Contest. Please don’t contact us ever in regards to claiming your prize.

DXP Pick ‘Em Updates

November 16, 2008

With 3 weeks left in the Yahoo tournament and only 1 week left in the ESPN tournament, I thought I should give you a quick update. Don’t forget that the winners of each group will receive a Husker DVD courtesy of A&E (and will be required to write a review of the DVD for DXP) so choose wisely.

From the Yahoo group:

Rank Pick Set Name Total Points
1 A. Rose 123
2 Sordid Spreads 122
3 5 Star Prospect 113
4 Sammy Vegas 112
4 T. Rose’s Locks 112
6 Frank Solich’s Breathalyzer 111
7 bigredjeff 110
8 PACinfel 109
8 Aaron hearts KSU 109
10 BugEater1952 108
11 Schrute Bucks 106
12 retired army guy 102
13 TimmyssonTJjr 101
14 MizzouHusker 100
15 TopekaBigRed 87

From the ESPN group:

1 Big P Steele, T. Rose 488 98.2%
2 Thiele, D. Thiele 487 98.1%
3 Sammy Vegas
476 96.5%
3 A.Rose , A. Rose 476 96.5%
5 Jeffie Husker
472 95.8%
6 Sordid Spreadmaker, M. Suder 464 94.0%
7 MizzouHusker, M. Goble 447 89.3%
8 topeka BigRed, B. Goble 439 86.7%
9 PACinfel, P. Cinfel 438 86.4%
10 Aaron hearts KSU, A. Gaul 432 84.4%
10 Doc1028, E. Drey 432 84.4%
12 Moda, M. Moda 431 84.1%
13 DevilHusker, T. Francis 430 83.7%
14 Huskers #1, B. Rollogas 426 82.4%
15 Hughes, J. Hughes 420 80.5%
16 WILLIAMS, B. WILLIAMS 418 79.9%

Thankfully, the tournament doesn’t stop today. Otherwise, with the Rose twins in first place, we’d all be shopping here until next fall.

Good luck to everyone. The Poon-per Bowl Championship will kick off on Monday with the semi-finals featuring the lovely “Girls of the Big XII”. This time they get to try and tame the “Girls of the SEC” who, from what I have been told, have their A-Team ready to take the field on Wednesday.

DXP Pick ‘Em Updates

October 20, 2008

At a little over the halfway mark, it has been overall pretty competitive. Remember though, it is basically only round 9 of a 15 round fight. And as always customary, the two leaders get the first two choices of the round girls.


1 Big P Steele, T. Rose 332 98.6
2 Thiele, D. Thiele
329 98.1
3 Sammy Vegas
325 97.3
4 Sordid Spreadmaker, M. Suder 324 97.1
5 Jeffie Husker
315 94.5
6 Husker Guy, T. Dale 314 94.2
7 fatbucket, R. Peterson 305 90.6
8 A.Rose
304 90.1
8 MizzouHusker, M. Goble 304 90.1
10 PACinfel, P. Cinfel 301 88.7


1 A. Rose 88
2 Sordid Spreads 84
3 Sammy Vegas 80
3 T. Rose’s Locks 80
5 5 Star Prospect 79
6 BugEater1952 78
7 TimmyssonTJjr 77
8 Schrute Bucks 74
8 bigredjeff 74
8 Frank Solich’s Breathalyzer 74

And don’t forget, this week is Game 2 of the Poon-per Bowl Championship Series which will showcase the overall #1 seed from the SEC on Tuesday vs. the frisky girls of the Big 10 Conference on Thursday.

DXP Pick ‘Em Updates

September 29, 2008

ESPN Group
1. Sammy Vegas, 234 points, 99.8 %
2. Sordid Spreadmaker, 230 points, 99.4%
3. T. Rose, 227 points, 98.8%
4. Jeffie Husker, 224 points, 97.8%
5. D. Thiele, 223 points, 97.5%
6. Husker Guy, 217 points, 94.7%
7. fatbucket, 214 points, 92.9%
8. Aaron hearts KSU, 211 points, 90.9%
8. MizzouHusker, 211, 90.%
10. A. Rose, 210 points, 90.2%


Rank Pick Set Name Total Points
1 A. Rose 64
2 T. Rose’s Locks 62
3 Frank Solich’s Breathalyzer 60
4 Schrute Bucks 59
5 TimmyssonTJjr 57
6 Sordid Spreads 56
6 Paint Man 56
8 Don’t Get Eliminated 55
9 Sammy Vegas 54
9 BugEater1952 54

I hate being right 99.8% of the time.

I like it when I am right 100% of the time.

For example, I would kiss everyone one of these SEC girls in alphabetical order 100% of the time…

DXP College Pick ‘Em Mania 2008 (X)2

August 21, 2008

It’s time once again for the annual DXP College Pick ‘Em contest. This year, we have decided to up the anty. That’s right, we have TWO different contests with TWO prizes (which I’ll update you on next post.) The first will be the usual ESPN college pick ’em that involves picking 10 games weekly straight up and putting confidence points on each game. The second will be the Yahoo college pick ’em that involves picking 25 games weekly by the point spread. Feel free to join either or both.

To join the ESPN group and probably get dominated by some of the best handicappers around these parts, click here to go the college pick ’em homepage and the public group name is “DXP”. Make sure to read the rules as you not only pick winners but also rank your picks according to confidence.

To join the Yahoo group and definitely get dominated, click here to go the college football pick’em homepage. The group i.d. is “17638” and the password is “Huskers.” The group name should be DXP, and once again, pick the winners by point spread only.

One week away from the anticipated return of the weekly “Take The Double Extra Points,” in which you will see the return of Timmy Rose and in which will, as always, be loaded with the girls of college football. Here’s a tiny, tiny teaser…

DXP ESPN Pick ‘Em Update Top 20

October 10, 2007

Here is a quick update to the highly touted, highly competitive DXP Pick ‘Em contest. Don’t forget, there are great prizes to the Top 3 that include dinner with Kevin Cosgrove in which you will be let in on to his secrets about preparing a defense for a big game and exciting high school stories about how he and Callahan used to dominate the high school hallways of South Chicago (actually that’s for last place if anyone wants it – but we do have great gift certificates for Husker merchandise). With 6 weeks in the books, there are still 7 weeks left so don’t get cocky T. Rose.

1. Adam Wunderkind, Timmy Rose 98.8%
2. Sammy Vegas, S. Determan 97.8%
3. MizzouHusker, M. Goble 96.2%
4. Fish-Slapping Dance, D. Dirgo 95.4%
5. Jeffie Husker, J. Adams 94.4%
6. Thiele Entry, D. Thiele 93.4%
HiPlainsDrifter, B. Vogel 93.4%
8. TX Cornhead, J. Scheuler 91.8%
9. justmp, J. Pierce 89.9%
10. Goble Entry, J. Goble 86.2%
11. Mead, A. Mead 85.4%
12. Drey Entry, E. Drey 81.1%
13. Fear Joe Ganz, C. Wachal 77.6%
14. Mettenbrink Entry, T. Mettenbrink 72.5%
Goble Entry, B. Goble 72.5%
16. Mac Attack, J. McDannald 68.6%
Piled Higher, T. Goble 68.6%
18. Moda Entry, M. Moda 67.2%
19. Clementi Entry, J. Clementi 65.9%
20. Simba, M. Simms 57.8%

At the halfway point, it’s time to step up everyone’s game as we can’t give out the gift certificates to ourselves. However, just because we can’t accept our own prizes doesn’t mean we can’t cash those gift certificates in for prizes like this: