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Day 2 Miscellany

August 8, 2007

· Quentin Castille came into camp weighing over 250 pounds, but this might not be a bad thing. Callahan says he expects him to play at around 240-245.

· Major Culbert would like to move back to safety. This will likely depend upon how well the young RBs progress. I’m not sure safety is any less log-jammed however. Is Culbert destined to get lost in the shuffle?

· Nebraska focused on the mental parts of the game on Tuesday:

“We’ve got a lot of plays in,” Callahan said. “During this time when you have just shorts in practice, we try to overload them with the mental side of football because there’s not much contact. What we’ve done is elected to put in more of our system and teach them more about what we’re trying to get accomplished.”

· Cody Glenn attempted to slim down this off-season to become more durable and less injury-prone.

· Hunter Teafatiller practiced and his status with the team is still under review.