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Nebraska the Football Factory?

August 28, 2007

Football Outsiders one of the better football analysis sites recently compiled a fairly comprehensive look at which college football programs perennially produce the most NFL talent. You see these types of pieces yearly, but this one relied on an actual, and interesting methodology, rather than anecdotal evidence and author opinions.

Points were awarded for the following criteria:

1) Each school earns points for each player drafted. The number of points is based on the round the player was drafted in:
1st round: 3.5 points
2nd round: 3.0 points
3rd round: 2.5 points
4th round: 2.0 points
5th round: 1.5 points
6th round: 1.0 point
7th round: 0.5 points

2) Schools get 10 points for each NFL starter.

3) Schools get 15 points for producing a player who has made it to the Pro Bowl. They get a 5-point bonus for any player with three or more Pro Bowls.

4) Schools get 5 points for each NFL player with a career of 5 or more seasons.

5) Finally, schools get 1 point for each player on an NFL roster.

Not a perfect analysis, but clearly better than most.

As for the results, here is the Top 10

1. Miami
2. Florida State
3. Ohio State
4. Georgia
5. Michigan
6. Tennessee
7. Florida
8. LSU
9. Texas
10. Nebraska

And here is what they had to say about the Huskers:

Nebraska has been a collegiate powerhouse throughout history, making a bowl game every year since 1969. Eons of talent have traveled through Lincoln on their way to successful NFL careers. Though Nebraska now is not as dominant as they were in the ‘90s, they still produce a very good crop of NFL talent on a yearly basis. Headlining the solid list is running back Ahman Green, who’s on the downside of his career, but had four or five brilliant years in the early 2000s. Other contributing Nebraska alums are Richie Incognito, Cory Schlesinger, Scott Shanle, Correll Buckhalter, Josh Bullocks, Demorrio Williams, Kyle Larson, Kyle Vanden Bosch and Mike, Josh and Kris Brown. Though none of the players stand out as perennial bests at their respective positions, each is a more than capable pro. They’ve been highly effective throughout their careers.

Draft pick points: 68
Starter points: 170
Pro Bowl players: 3 for 50 points
Experience points: 80
Player points: 42
Total: 410

Just something to tide you until Saturday.

NFL ‘N’sider: A Dancing Pork Chop

August 24, 2007

Check it out. This is Cory Ross. This is Jazzercise. This is unbelievable. A friend of a friend of mine shot this footage and posted it on YouTube (so don’t think I was googling Cory + Ross + Jazzercise). That’s not my bag. But if I’m Cory, I’m really hoping Ray Lewis doesn’t see this.

NFL "N"-sider – Huskers in the NFL Videos – II

August 22, 2007

Ravens vs Giants (Cory Ross, Sam Koch)

Titans vs Patriots (Kyle Vanden Bosch)

Panthers vs Eagles (Mike Rucker, Correll Buckhalter, Stewart Bradley)

Rams vs Chargers (Adam Carriker, Richie Incognito, Ryon Bingham, Carlos Polk)

Old School Video: Johnny "The Jet"

August 21, 2007

A collection of Johnny Rodgers returns. Complete with Lyle Bremser madness.

Insert obligatory – “Man, Woman and Child.”

NFL N’Sider – Huskers in the NFL Videos

August 16, 2007

Highlights of all of the major Husker-related plays:

Brandon Jackson at Green Bay

NFL ‘N’sider V2.1

August 15, 2007

After a sabbatical, I feel privileged to return to the great DXP website. Last year I tried to make my ‘N’sider and ‘Take the Double Extra Points’ articles as much fun as I could. This year I hope to do the same. A few times a week you might have to put up with erroneous rhetoric on all things gambling, NFL, and of course girls. That’s just what I do.

Well, let’s get started…

I definitely don’t want to bore you with statistics and updates on every Husker in the NFL as the preseason is just beginning, but I will keep you updated on the rookies trying to make their first NFL rosters this preseason. NU had 4 players drafted in 2007 (4 were drafted in 2006 and only 3 in 2005), while 7 more were signed as undrafted free agents. There have already been some casualties, but there have also been some rising stars in the making.


Adam Carriker (NT, 1st Round, St. Louis Rams): That’s right. The Rams believe Carriker’s ogreish body is strong and big enough to move to the middle of the line. He is currently listed as #1 on the depth chart at Nose Tackle and in his first outing, had 1 tackle at Minnesota.

Brandon Jackson (RB, 2nd Round, Green Bay Packers): Jackson is already listed at #2 on the depth chart, and with Vernon Morency listed as the #1 RB, expect Jackson to see the ball early and often. If 114 yards on 32 carries and 2 receptions for 2 yards in his first exhibition at Pittsburgh doesn’t convince you, then maybe you also still believe Sam Keller and Joe Ganz are in a dead heat to be the starting QB against Nevada.

Stewart Bradley (LOLB, 3rd Round, Philadelphia Eagles): In his first pre-season game against Baltimore, Bradley shone with 5 solo tackles and 2 assisted tackles. Evidently losing 12 lbs. after shaving your head only adds to your speed.

Jay Moore (ROLB, 4th Round, San Francisco 49ers): In San Francisco’s 3-4 scheme, Moore is a perfect fit for outside linebacker. In fact, here is a great article discussing how Moore was overshadowed throughout his career at NU by Carriker, including stats and combine results that are truly impressive. Moore is still only listed at #3 on the depth chart and had only 1 assisted tackle against Denver in their first preseason game.


Ola Dagundro (DT, Dallas Cowboys): Mercifully, the Cowboys haven’t release Ola even though he hasn’t played and hasn’t recorded a tackle this preseason. Furthermore, he is not listed on the depth chart.

Matt Herian (TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers): Herian’s career has never been the same after his broken leg in 2004. The Matt Herian and Zac Taylor combination appears to have ended in Tampa. Matt is 5th on the depth chart and Taylor is back in Lincoln and was last seen holding Callahan’s hand.

Kurt Mann (C, Green Bay): Cut and out of work. I do, however, have a consolation picture. Cheeseheads are awesome. Dr. D likes dancing with them and I occasionally enjoy a cheese taco here and there.

Andrew Shanle (S, Chicago Bears): Although still listed on the Bears’ roster, Shanle recorded 0 tackles in their first preseason game against the Texans. On an encouraging note, Mike Brown returned to the starting lineup and had 1 solo tackle and 1 assisted.

Zac Taylor (QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers): Whether it was Callahan’s idea or his agent’s, someone decided that it would be a good idea to sign with Tampa Bay. What’s the problem you ask? Joining Taylor in training camp at QB was Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms, Bruce Gradkowski, Jake Plummer, and Luke McCown. Taylor has said repeatedly he wants to pursue a professional career at any level, but I find it difficult to understand why he chose to compete when he clearly had no shot – even though the Jon Gruden WCO is a mirror image of Callahan’s WCO.

Tommie Frazier Highlights

August 10, 2007

Just to refresh your memories. Eat your heart out, Pat White.

An Unusual and Refreshing Sight

May 6, 2007

A Nebraska quarterback taking snaps with an NFL team. Unfortunately it’s only mini-camp, but it’s a start.

Where Are They Now – Eric Crouch Update

May 2, 2007

I was surprised to come across this recent article on Eric Crouch and his adventures in Canada. I almost forgot he was still alive and kicking north of the border after his injury last season. After several failed attempts at football, Crouch sounds weathered and more mature, which is certainly a good thing.

“I’m trying to win that starting spot,” Crouch said Tuesday. “I’m not there to sit on the bench and hope we win. I would like to be the quarterback that helps win games and helps win a Grey Cup this year. It’s a long time coming for me. To me, it’s all about being the best and to be able to win a championship in the CFL.”

Crouch has earned the label “quitter” among many Nebraska fans, and that is perhaps unfair. Most of us have or will be humbled at some point in our life. Luckily most of us experience this outside the public eye.

But the past is the past and his current spot seems like a good fit for his skills.

“His background isn’t in dropping straight back and throwing,” Buratto said. “When we’re at our best, our quarterback isn’t always dropping straight back and throwing. We want him to make defenses worry about him.”

Crouch always made defenses worry in college. He is perhaps the most elusive player I’ve ever seen in person. I also thought he would have made an amazing professional tag player, if such a league existed. Just watch teams try to get their hands on him in these highlights.

NFL Draft Analysis – The Lazy Version

April 30, 2007

This is all I’ve got, considering these two days are the last I will follow the NFL until playoff time.

When I heard the names of this year’s crop of Huskers called on NFL Draft weekend, I thought the teams selecting them seemed familiar.

Adam Carriker – St. Louis
Brandon Jackson – Green Bay
Stewart Bradley – Philadelphia
Jay Moore – San Francisco

It just seemed at first glance, that we have had a lot of Nebraska players on the rosters of these particular NFL squads. That got me thinking about patterns among NFL teams and which colleges they tend to raid for talent. In particular I was interested in which teams seem to select Huskers at higher rates than others.

I limited my analysis to the years of 1982-2007, as that seemed to be the most readily available. I also tried to do some combining of teams based on moves to new cities. For example, the LA Rams and the St. Louis Rams simply became the Rams.

Anyway, here is the chart showing the teams that have drafted the most Nebraska players from 1982-2007.

Not that enlightening and only the Rams selection of Carriker would seem to fit the data. Certianly we have had many players on rosters of other NFL teams, but these are the ones that have drafted the most Huskers during that time period.

Other random notes from the data:

We’ve had 141 players drafted during that time period.
Linebacker, DB, RB, and offensive line are the most common positions drafted.
We’ve had three players drafted with picks #6 and #39.
The players drafted at #6 were: Broderick Thomas, Lawrence Phillips, Grant Wistrom. The players picked at #39 were: Jared Tomich, Toniu Fonoti, Mike Brown


If anyone else would like the data to play around with data, shoot me an email at jcadams(at) and I’ll send you the Excel file.