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McKeon Breaks Down the QBs

April 3, 2007

The LJS got some great stuff from Corey McKeon Monday:

“Joe’s a great quarterback because he has a lot of athletic ability and can make plays on his own and he knows the offense very well,” McKeon said after practice. “Everyone’s like, ‘Well, Sam’s this competitor.’

“The gist of it is, they are two different styles of quarterback. Joe’s a product of the system. He goes through his progressions (to find the open receiver).”Meanwhile, Keller “knows how to attack people,” McKeon said. “He’s got that experience. He’s looking for Maurice Purify every play. If you look over and see Cortney Grixby guarding Maurice Purify, Sam knows where to put the ball to get a big play.

“Sam knows how to attack people. He knows if he’s going to run a three-step quick slant to look for Terrence Nunn or Nate Swift — guys who can beat people with speed. He knows how to use his weapons.

“That’s something Joe has not been able to do yet because he’s not been on the field (in games) as much (as Keller).”

In the final analysis, “It’s hard to choose, because you have a guy who knows how to take advantage of a defense, but also a guy who knows how to read a defense.”

I thought this was very telling. McKeon is the first to really verbalize the strengths and weaknesses of each guy.

Now we (ok, technically, just the coaches) have to decide which we prefer. A guy who can operate the system to its fullest potential. Or a guy recognizes and attacks weaknesses by utilizing his strengths and those of his teammates.

My take – Get ready to hear A LOT of “Keller’s pass complete to Purify.”