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Joe Ganz Dating Melissa Midwest ?!?!?

August 6, 2009

First off, don’t kid yourself. I know that you know who Melissa Midwest is so I’ll leave the introduction out. However, feel free to double check who she is with the link below at home later. Secondly, it’s not like I go visit Melissa Midwest’s website once a week everyday so I wouldn’t know this without help from one our readers, PJD.

Here’s Melissa’s July 28th post which I’ll quote word for word:

“Wow the last 10 days have been really crazy for me and this update will work out perfect! It’s time for an all time favorite set so I used some of my favorite Husker Football pics. These are some of my crazy ones after some games and yes I was pretty drunk in most of them ha ha. It’s getting close to kick off just over a month and don’t tell, but I have been going on some dates with an ex husker quarterback. I won’t say his name but I bet you can figure it out. lol! I never been on a date with a quarterback but I guess it fits I was after all a cheerleader. Also don’t forget I am doing bachelor parties again…. “

Since we don’t have the proper sources or a paid subscription at this time to 100% confirm this, we’re simply putting 2 & 2 together. You can read for yourself here – LINK NSFW OBVIOUSLY – second entry down on the right, next to the Husker gameday/topless/hot dog pictures.

If you’re wondering about Ganz‘ NFL career, he just recently said that he was on a ‘call list’ for a few teams and the CFL was still an option. In other words, he’s got time.

Move over for the second time, Sam Keller. Unless Melissa is blatantly lying and Casey Connelly has started her own ‘adults only’ website, then Joe Ganz has outdone you once again. NFL or not, it looks like it’s paying to be a Husker quarterback these days.

God (and anyone who knows more) help me.

**Update: Many thanks to one of our readers – skerfan – for getting the scoop:

Ok here is the skinny on this story.

Joe was back in Lincoln recently for an autograph session. They went out on a couple of dates, but that is where the fairy tail ends. He has since flown back home and the two have gone separate ways.

Glad I could help!

More Of Chase Daniel’s Girlfriend: Blaire Vandiver

May 30, 2009

Let me preface this by saying that just because Chase Daniel is no longer at Missouri, that still won’t take away my lasting impressions of him: the hat, the chest bumps, the Twitter fights, the booger thing, the false claim that an “unknown” Nebraska player spit on him, etc., etc., etc. However, I will always envy him in one department, which is having a smoking hot girlfriend.

Anyways, apparently Chase #1 is still dating Blaire Vandiver. If you recall, Blaire has graced the homepage here before, and since it’s the slow time of year, she’s going to do it again.

First time – click here.
Second time – click here.

Smokeshow coming right up below. *Much thanks for these, Yowza.*

Solid work, Blaine #1. Oops, I meant Chase #1.

Tim Tebow’s New Girlfriend

April 7, 2009

Much was made over the past year about this photo of Erin Drewes with Tim Tebow that captivated sports bloggers everywhere. With many thanks to facebook, internet aficionados were able to dig up even more glorious, glorious pictures of the lovely Erin Drewes. The only problem was that they were never a couple despite what most message boards and blogs claimed.

However, according to the experts at The Big Lead, a “plugged-in reader in Florida named Parker” has found Tim’s true love. Evidently, Tim and Girlfriend X can be seen at the Dragonfly in Gainesville on any given night grinding on praying with one another. There is no name yet for this Gatorbait smokeshow, thus no facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. I’m sure that will change sometime in the near future and all of this one picture only nonsense will end.

I’m not really sure if Tebow used any lines from his immortalized speech to pick her up or not. Regardless, God Bless.

And for what it’s worth, Erin Drewes is hotter than that and she just happens to be getting even hotter

Hunter Lawrence’s Girlfriend

March 18, 2009

Who is Hunter Lawrence you ask? He is the place-kicker for the Texas Longhorns who apparently loves to kick long both on and off the field. Although I’m not real sure about his girlfriend, Meaghan, I do know that she rates up there with any of the girlfriends I’ve shown you before as far as looks go. Supposedly, the fine people at Busted Coverage got their hands on these photos of Meaghan and Hunter in action through ways I’m not sure they want anyone to really know. Either way, they still got them.

First things first though. Since it has been way too long since I’ve plastered any pictures of girlfriends up on here, I’d thought it couldn’t hurt to refresh your minds a little so you have something to compare the lovely Meaghan to.

Sam Keller’s Girlfriend
Not Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend
Chase Daniel’s Girlfriend
Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend
Casey Dick’s Girlfriend
Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriends
Lane Kiffin’s Girlfriend Wife

Even though Hunter is a field goal kicker, you can clearly see he is outkicking his coverage on this one. I’m sure Mack Brown has a spot at punter with the name Hunter Lawrence written all over it for next season.

Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend: The Rachel Glandorf Fiesta Bowl Memoirs

January 6, 2009

When future television sports reporter Rachel Glandorf first arrived on DXP back in early November, I really had no idea she would soon become a superstar. Her transformation from the girl next door to beauty queen can be attributed to Colt McCoy’s success on the field. There’s no doubt that Rachel’s current employer, CBS affiliate KEYE42-TV in Austin, Texas, already has a contract ready to be signed as soon as she gets her degree from Baylor (where she also happens to be a track and field athlete.) Regardless if she stays in Texas or moves on to a bigger stage with ESPN or Fox Sports, I’m positive we haven’t seen the last of her.

I’m not sure exactly how it is decided what cameraman gets the assignment to cover Rachel for the duration of the Longhorns’ games, but I think it is fair to say that he is living the dream of a football cameraman.

Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriends

December 11, 2008

When ESPN the Magazine ran a featured article on Georgia RB Knowshon Moreno last August and long before I started with my regular “Girlfriend” feature, I ran across a little clip in the article that read, “Moreno is trying hard to focus on a conversation between his girlfriend, former Georgia gymnast Nikki Childs, and his aunt Michelle.” As you would expect, I was not about to let that little nugget just slide by. His girlfriend, Nikki Childs, is indeed a prolific gymnast at Georgia that earned First-Team All-American honors and was a four-time NCAA team champion.

For Knowshon and Nikki in action together at a gymnast party, click here and click here.

Next, Knowshon’s good friend, Georgia QB Matthew Stafford, was thought to be last seen in a social, drunken setting a few summers ago at this ragin’ kegger that brought upon a little situation within the athletic department. In fact, coach Mark Richt and Stafford apparently had to have a heart-to-heart about these photos that surfaced everywhere.

Apparently, that conversation between Richt and Stafford didn’t really amount to much. Below, both Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford are partying it up with a few Ole Miss ladies last year during a bye week. As you can clearly see, Stafford has given up keg lifts and cuddling with friends and resorted to body autographing. It is Moreno who is doing most of the dirty work here. And by dirty, I mean skanky.

Knowshon was quoted as saying to the Athens Banner-Herald,

“Now that people are watching you and you’re a role model, you just have to watch things you do.”

I’m never one to blame an athlete for parading around campus parties and female dormitories and having the time of their life. After all, that is part of your job description as the big man on campus. And if this is your idea of being a role model, then I’m your number one fan. Carry on.

Lane Kiffin’s Girlfriend Wife

December 4, 2008

Regardless of whether or not you think Lane Kiffin was a good hire at Tennessee, the one thing we can all agree on is that his wife, Layla, is smokin’ hot. Totally smokin’ hot.

Tennessee fans have already started the website ‘‘ which is always a subtle, yet classy way to welcome in a new coach. And if that isn’t arousing enough for you, you can always go to the new Tennessee facebook group page titled Our Coach’s Wife Is Hotter Than Your Coach’s Wife which glorifies Layla Kiffin’s beauty and already has over 2,000 members and counting.

According to Clay Davis at Deadspin, “On Monday afternoon, one hour after the press conference, “Lane Kiffin’s wife” was the number one most searched term on Google trends. What was number three? “Layla Kiffin.” Many Vol fans wanted a coach who could win the press conference. Turns out we got a wife that could win the press conference instead.”

Judge for yourself if you think Layla is worthy of a number one Google trend search and keep in mind she is 8 months pregnant at the press conference.

According to ‘I Would Do Layla Kiffin dot com,’

“They say behind every great man there is a great looking woman! Well it might not go exactly like that but it should! Our new YOUNG coach LaneKiffin is toating a super hot M.I.L.F.. I’m hoping she’s involved in the game plan somehow.

Welcome to Knoxville and PLEASE come around quite often! At least a loss won’t be quite as bad next year. Come here and get lost in those georgious blue eyes!

You can take that slogan from the scholars of Tennessee for what it’s worth. And if I could offer any advice for the Kiffins, it would be KEEP YOUR FAMILY IN CALIFORNIA!

Casey Dick’s Girlfriend

December 2, 2008

Actually, it’s his fiancee, Felicia. Arkansas quarterback Casey Dick has had a pretty good run the last few years. First, he stumbles across this little southern belle while in rehab for a back injury in 2006. Next, later that same year, Mitch Mustain transfers to USC leaving the QB job all his for his final two years. Casey Dick might not end up as the most high-profile collegiate QB, but the one thing you can never take away from him is that his girlfriend is hotter than Sam Keller’s girlfriend, Tim Tebow’s fake girlfriend, Colt McCoy’s girlfriend, and Chase Daniel’s girlfriend.

Said Felicia about when she first met Casey at the clinic, “I remember thinking that he had big ears and I really wanted to rub them! I have a huge ear fetish and I like to rub peoples ears when they are cold. I know call his ears “my refrigerators.””

And one of Felicia’s 10 things she loves about Casey: “I love it when he lets me rub his ears when I am tired.”

For the engagement album in its digital slide show entirety, you’ll want to click here.

The moral of this story is size does matter.

Chase Daniel’s Girlfriend

November 21, 2008

From the Missourian:

“I hear the rumors,” (Blaire) Vandiver said. “It gets old. The people who matter know what kind of relationship we have.” And that relationship didn’t start how you might assume.

“I wanted nothing to do with him for the first three months,” she said. Vandiver, who is from Richmond, Mo., and is a year younger than Daniel, met him in June 2007 through a mutual friend.

“My roommate told me Chase Daniel was coming over, and I was like, ‘Cool. I don’t care,’” Vandiver said.

The quarterback came up to Vandiver’s room, where she was doing sit-ups on the floor.

“I wasn’t wearing makeup, and I had sweats on,” she recalled. “He starts showing me certain ab moves to do, and I’m like, ‘OK, this is awkward,’” she recalled.

Vandiver didn’t realize he was interested in her until she got a text message: “Hey this is Chase. Nice meeting you.” He had asked her roommate for Vandiver’s phone number that night.

Over the summer, the two spent time together in a group, going to the pool or eating at Taco Bell.

…“I love her,” Daniel said. “And she’s definitely one of the strongest, both mentally and emotionally, girlfriends I’ve had.”

Daniel’s mom said her son has had unsuccessful relationships with “clingy” girls who did not appreciate Daniel’s dedication to football.

“It takes a girl that has a lot of confidence in herself to date Chase,” Vickie Daniel said.

“It was never just me and him,” she said. “I wouldn’t let it be just me and him.”

Vandiver was not looking for a boyfriend at that point. She especially did not want to go out with the starting quarterback.

“I wasn’t ready for a relationship with him,” Vandiver said. “I didn’t want to be that girl dating Chase Daniel.”

Vandiver sits with Daniel’s mom, dad and sister every week because she says they are just as emotionally invested in the game as she is.

After the Colorado game, Vandiver waited outside the locker room with Daniel’s family while the quarterback signed autographs. She wore his father’s leather jacket to keep warm as she talked to his sister and friends.

“See, she doesn’t need to stand next to him right now,” Bill Daniel said. “She understands.”

“I’m not that type of girl. I don’t need to tell people I’m Chase’s girlfriend,” Vandiver said. “Chase knows I’m his girlfriend. That’s all that matters.”

…Vandiver said she initially hesitated about being interviewed and photographed for this story. With Daniel’s encouragement, she agreed.

Let me get right to the point here. I don’t like this girl’s motives one bit. Not only has she snowballed Chase, but apparently she has his mom and dad right where she wants them. What’s even worse is that Chase is using the “L” word when he talks about her. This chick is attention starved. Hesitant about doing this interview and being photographed by the Missourian? She wasn’t too hesitant when ESPN the Magazine called her for an interview. Mark this down: the minute Chase sees his draft stock plummet to the late rounds, she’s on the first train out of town. Chase, you know I’m not your biggest fan, but when I feel like you need some life advice, I’ll be happy to help here. Run, baby, run!!

Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend

November 6, 2008

Rachel Glandorf is a track and field star at Baylor, a television reporter for a CBS affiliate in Austin, and the girlfriend of a lucky Texas QB named Colt McCoy. At first, I was a little baffled as to why Colt wasn’t nailing every girl on campus at Texas. However, as soon as I got a hold of some photographic evidence, I now see why. Let’s just say that Sam Keller and Tim Tebow have nothing on Colt. Even after Texas lost to Texas Tech last Saturday, Colt still won.