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1983 Nebraska – Oklahoma Highlights

June 11, 2007

Part I

Another classic Nebraska YouTube find. What a great way to catch some highlights of our amazing football past. You’ll really want to notice the diversity of Osborne’s offense. Its complexity is almost always overlooked.

Where Are They Now – Eric Crouch Update

May 2, 2007

I was surprised to come across this recent article on Eric Crouch and his adventures in Canada. I almost forgot he was still alive and kicking north of the border after his injury last season. After several failed attempts at football, Crouch sounds weathered and more mature, which is certainly a good thing.

“I’m trying to win that starting spot,” Crouch said Tuesday. “I’m not there to sit on the bench and hope we win. I would like to be the quarterback that helps win games and helps win a Grey Cup this year. It’s a long time coming for me. To me, it’s all about being the best and to be able to win a championship in the CFL.”

Crouch has earned the label “quitter” among many Nebraska fans, and that is perhaps unfair. Most of us have or will be humbled at some point in our life. Luckily most of us experience this outside the public eye.

But the past is the past and his current spot seems like a good fit for his skills.

“His background isn’t in dropping straight back and throwing,” Buratto said. “When we’re at our best, our quarterback isn’t always dropping straight back and throwing. We want him to make defenses worry about him.”

Crouch always made defenses worry in college. He is perhaps the most elusive player I’ve ever seen in person. I also thought he would have made an amazing professional tag player, if such a league existed. Just watch teams try to get their hands on him in these highlights.

Remembering Zac Taylor

May 1, 2007

Here’s a great set of highlights from the career of Zac Taylor at Nebraska. And what a fine, albeit, brief career it was.

· 2006 Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year (Associated Press, Coaches, Kansas City Star,Houston Chronicle, Austin American-Statesman,Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
· 2006 First-Team All-Big 12 (AP, Coaches, KC Star, Houston Chronicle, Austin American-Statesman, Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
· 2006 Nebraska Offensive MVP
· 2006 Guy Chamberlin Trophy Winner
· 2006 Davey O’Brien Award, Manning Award, Maxwell Award Watch Lists
· 2006 Second-Team Academic All-Big 12
· Nebraska Career Record Holder for Passing Yards (5,850), Touchdowns (45), Completions (470), and Attempts (821)
· Nebraska Season Record Holder for Passing Yards (3,197, 2006), Touchdowns (26, 2006), Completions (237, 2005), Attempts (430, 2005)and Total Offense (3,165, 2006)
· Nebraska Single-Game Record Holder for Passing Yards (431),Completions (36), Attempts (55) and Total Offense (433)
· 2006 Big 12 Commissioner’s Spring Academic Honor Roll
· 2006 Big 12 Commissioner’s Fall Academic Honor Roll
· 2006 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team

YouTube Husker History Lesson – 1986 Fiesta Bowl

April 25, 2007

Here is some classic bowl footage as Nebraska takes on Michigan in the 1986 Fiesta Bowl. It is from the Michigan perspective, which is fitting since they won the game, but it’s worth seven minutes of your time all the same.

I was actually at that game with my family as we spent Christmas and my 9th birthday in Tempe. It was an amazing atmosphere as two storied programs met and their Midwestern fans made the trek to the sun-drenched valley.

I remember a lot of what shows up in the highlights. First, it was definitely the era of exposed midriffs and towels hanging from the players’ pants. McCathorn Clayton started the game at QB, but was replaced later by freshman Steve Taylor, who wore #11. Michigan RB Jamie Morris ran all over us as our linebackers lumbered aimlessly. And Jim Harbaugh was quarterbacking Michigan in the days before he was busy talking shit about Pete Carroll.

Nebraska went 9-3 in 1985 (just like every other year in the 80s it seemed). We started the season 0-1 after a loss at home to FSU. We then rattled off nine straight wins and were ranked second as we headed to Norman to take on #5 ranked Oklahoma. Oklahoma was led by Jamelle Holieway, who took over for Troy Aikman (broken ankle), four games into the season. Aikman had been injured in OU’s only regular season loss, a 27–14 beating at Miami. The Sooners absolutely crushed us with Holieway at the helm, 27-7. They outgained us 423 yards to 161 and would have had the shut out, were it not for a Chris Spachman 76-yard interception return with 26 seconds remaining in the game.

After the OU loss, Nebraska dropped to #7 and would then meet fifth ranked Michigan in that Fiesta Bowl. Nebraska jumped out to a 14-3 halftime lead behind a 5-yard TD pass to Doug DuBose and a 3-yard TD run, also by DuBose. Everything fell apart for the Huskers, however, in the 3rd quarter. Sparked by two lost fumbles, a blocked punt and a short punt in the first 10 minutes of the third quarter Michigan’turned the 11-point deficit into a 27-14 lead. In the fourth quarter Nebraska scored on a 1-yard run by Taylor, but later his pass with under a minute remaining the game was intercepted.

Oklahoma would go on to win the National title in 1985. They met #1 Penn State in the Orange Bowl and came away with a convincing 25-10 win. Miami had gone to the Sugar Bowl ranked second hoping for a convincing win over SEC champ Tennessee to keep its title hopes alive should Penn State lose. Instead, the Hurricanes suffered their worst defeat of the year, 35–7.

Bo Jackson beat out Iowa QB Chuck Long for the 1985 Heisman.

Scoring Explosion Highlights

April 11, 2007

A recent YouTube find, and one that brings back pleasant early childhood memories. God, that offense was beautiful. Check out the option pitch to Irving Fryar who was lined up in the backfield at about the 2 minute mark. That’s why I grew up wanting nothing more than to be a wingback for Dr. Tom.

Brandon Jackson to the NFL?

January 11, 2007

Brandon Jackson is apparently considering entering the NFL Draft. My gut tells me he probably won’t be coming back. Next year’s class of running backs looks to be pretty stacked, making him a more appealing selection this year. Given Jackson’s injury history and his supposed family situation, this might be the best move for him. You can checkout his 2006 highlights below.

Obviously losing a back of his caliber will be a blow to the Nebraska rushing attack. Will Lucky, Glenn or Wilson be ready for primetime in 2007?

DXP Light – Now with 28% less posting!!

December 8, 2006

Ok, so I have 160 papers and extra credit projects to grade by Monday, so that I can turn in final grades and stay in the good graces of the University of Houston faculty. As a result, things might be a touch slow around here. I am going to try and get something else up on Friday, but can’t promise anything. To hold you over here is a highlight video from the Big 12 Championship Game.

Oh, and here is an absolutely amazing article by Jason Whitlock (a combination of words you may never see again), highlighting the exploits of a legally blind running back in Kansas.

Texas A&M Highlights

November 15, 2006

Here are the rest of the highlights from the TAMU game.

I should probably have more to say about this game from an analysis standpoint, but I just don’t. There were a lot of positives and if we can build off this momentum we may be looking at another great finish this year. As for the negatives, I didn’t see anything new. Everyone is all over the play of the safeties, but I hitched my horse to that bandwagon before the season even began.

The sluggish second half play remains worrisome. However, why is everyone convinced this is a coaching/adjustment issue rather than an execution issue? I could write at length on this subject, but I’m not in the mood. My abbreviated take is that for every questionable play call or series of play calls, or seeming lack of adjustment that you or I may point to, Callahan and Cosgrove could point to a missed assignment, an ill-advised or inaccurate throw, a drop, poor vision by a RB, a missed tackle (or 5), a breakdown in technique, or a penalty that was just as much to blame. How much momentum do you really feel coaching can account for? I have a strong sense that momentum swings in sport are almost always due to execution or a lack thereof. Am I wrong?

Good "MO"rning

November 14, 2006

Because name-based headlines are never played out. Here is the video of Maurice Purify’s game-winning catch against Texas A&M.

Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to have clinched the Big 12 North. And it led to a celebration that looked like this.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

Lauren no doubt questioning what she got herself into

Catching Up – Dry White Toast Edition

November 9, 2006

· Here are the highlights from the Missouri game. As I watch these again, I can’t help but be impressed with the youth we played on the offensive line, with a freshman, three sophomores and a junior taking the majority of the snaps.

· In BlogPoll news my vote once again garnered Mr. Numb Existence recognition for most closely resembling the poll at large. MGoBlog’s Brian had this to say:

“Mr. Numb Existence is once again Double Extra Point for the third time this season. The voting equivalent of dry white toast, it should come as no surprise that DEP is a Nebraska blog.”

· Burnt Orange Nation takes a look under the hood of Rutgers. This was nice to see as I now know a lot more about the Scarlet Knights headed into tonight’s big game.

· A piece in the Denver Post (thanks Dad) says the Big 12 must change its ways or risk slipping into obscurity. You have to admit the South has certainly been flexing its muscles as of late. In fact, over the last three seasons the North’s record against teams from the South is 13-41. But look at the all-time Big 12 Championship Games:

1996 (3) Nebraska 27 Texas 37
1997 (2) Nebraska 54 (14) Texas A&M 15
1998 (2) Kansas St 33 (10) Texas A&M 36
1999 (2) Nebraska 22 (12) Texas 6
2000 (8) Kansas St 24 (1) Oklahoma 27
2001 (9) Colorado 39 (3) Texas 37
2002 (12) Colorado 7 (8) Oklahoma 29
2003 (15) Kansas State 35 (1) Oklahoma 7
2004 Colorado 3 (2) Oklahoma 42
2005 Colorado 3 (2) Texas 70

So in overall conference championships the South leads just 6-4. Outside of horrific recent performances by Colorado, that doesn’t really seem like a conference in peril to me. At least not yet.

· Finally, Dan McCarney stepped down as coach of the Iowa State Cyclones last night. McCarney compiled a record of just 25-61 against Big 12 competition during his tenure. In demonstrating their Husker-centrism many Nebraska fans are already mentioning Bo Pelini and Frank Solich as possible replacements. Um, you do realize there are viable coaches out there who didn’t coach at NU, right?