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Joe Ganz Out In Washington

May 21, 2009

From the Washington Post:

“Former Nebraska quarterback Joe Ganz, recently brought in for a tryout, was not signed by the Redskins. Jason Campbell, Todd Collins, Colt Brennan and rookie Chase Daniel are the quarterbacks on the roster with the second set of organized team activities set for June 1-4.”

Barring something unforeseen, this will probably end Ganz’ football career as a player. I think it is fair to say that Ganz’ career certainly had its ups and downs. Not many (including myself) ever thought he would come all the way from Sam Keller’s back-up to the MVP of the Gator Bowl. Best of luck in the future, Joe.

Ganz Weighs In On "Dirty" Comment……..

October 8, 2008

Although both Bo Pelini and Gary Pinkel say the “spitting” incident from last Saturday night’s game is a moot point, Joey Ganz had the following to offer up:

“I didn’t hear anything about spitting. I watched the game, too. I didn’t see any dirty play. I mean, the kid gets hit maybe three times, and he thinks it’s dirty. I don’t know. I don’t really agree with it. I watched the same game he played in.”

Translation: Joe Ganz just called Lucas Daniel a pussy for whining after his team just blasted the Huskers by 35 points, in Lincoln no less. Take the win and get ready for top 25 battles the next two weeks against an offensive juggernaut from Stillwater and the Big 12 South’s best on the road in Austin. Beating Nebraska? Not that big of a deal.
Just wait until after the Texas Tech game, where the margin could be 35 again. I’m pretty sure Graham Harrell won’t be complaining about the opposing team throwing footballs at them during warm ups. How does a guy make that claim anyway? It’s not like there weren’t at least 60,000 in the stadium during warm ups last week watching the field. If something like that happened, I’m guessing some Mizzou fans would have corroborated the story, as told by Lucas.
Speaking of Mizzou fans, you all had to at least think to yourselves “this guy’s a pussy” after Lucas made the “dirty play” comments. I know if somehow we magically beat T. Tech this weekend, the last thing I want to hear from Ganz is accusations of dirty play. I would advise Lucas to refrain from such comments when he gets to the NFL, but until there’s a roster spot for 5’11” 255 lb (225?, yeah right) quarterbacks that run a 5.5, I’m guessing he’ll be following the Tommy Frazier career path.
Prior to the game, I couldn’t have found a bad word to say about Daniel. Now he’s just Corey Haim ten years before he found Vicodin. Best of luck this weekend, little buddy!!!