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Nebraska Compared to the Big 12 North the Past 8 Seasons

July 30, 2009

**First off, make sure to go over to the new Illinois blog, “Hail to the Orange,” and check out a great post titled – ‘Please don’t ever retire, Joe Paterno‘ – it’s well worth your time.**

This is something interesting I just stumbled across. Here are the I-A Winning Percentages from 2001-2008 (8 seasons). Boise State, USC, and Texas all tied for 1st @ 85.4%, Oklahoma was 2nd @ 82.4%, Texas Tech was 17th @ 68.3%, and then Nebraska came in at 30th – 4th in the Big 12.

Here’s the North:

30th Nebraska 62.7%
36th Missouri 59.0%
49th Kansas State 54.5%
62nd Colorado 50.9%
70th Kansas 49.4%
88th Iowa State 39.7%

I was dying to know more about Texas Tech. You know that since 2001, Mike Leach hasn’t had a losing conference record in the Big 12? Also, Leach has only 5 non-conference losses over those 8 years, which includes bowl games. Fascinating.