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Nebraska/Missouri Football Tickets

August 14, 2009

Starting today, Missouri is offering tickets to their homes games vs. Nebraska (Oct. 8) and Texas (Oct. 24) with a catch. That catch is if you buy a ticket for the Nebraska or Texas game, you must also buy a ticket for either the Baylor or Iowa State game – your choice!

Hold on. It gets better.

Season-ticket holders paid $75 for the Nebraska game and $69 for the Texas game. To buy this ticket package for either the Nebraska game or the Texas game, it will only cost you $99. That means that for every ticket that Nebraska fans buy from Missouri, it’s only going to cost you $24 to see your seat empty for the Baylor of Iowa State game (limit of 10) as I highly doubt you’ll turn a profit on ebay. Score one for the away team.

To buy tickets, go here. The Tiger Athletic Department and Mizzouper Man are counting on you, Husker fans.

Thanks to Myles for the tip. He already has 4.

Mike DeArmond Is Blogging Again; Knows Why Nebraska Was Picked 1st

July 28, 2009

For reasons not yet known, I decided to go check in on Mad Mike’s mad blog at the Kansas City Star after last week’s debacle –LINK . And now that I read his latest blog installment titled “Media Ignorance?,” I’m officially making it my last visit. Unfortunately, I read it and now so must you.

In his latest attempt to debunk why Nebraska was voted first in the Big 12 Preseason Poll, the Missouri Tigers’ media ace in the hole comes up with this:

“The media that picked Nebraska to win the Big 12 North over Kansas and Missouri in the league’s voting, aren’t abso-tooting-lutely nuts. They’re just blissfully unaware. My new theory, and I’m sticking to it, is that too many media members who primarily cover the South division relied on the tradition of what Nebraska used to be, not on what they are, one of merely three Big 12 North contenders that are all flawed in one way or another this season.

“Can’t pick Kansas; everyone knows that is a basketball school. Can’t pick Missouri; couldn’t win with Coffman, Maclin and Daniel so sure as heck can’t win without them.
So who is left? Nebraska! The Cornhuskers used to be really good.”

“By the way, Nebraska center Jacob Hickman is a hoot.
Asked about having to play at Kansas and at Missouri this season, Hickman acknowledged Missouri fans can get a bit “rowdy.”
“Obviously, they are rambunctious fans,” Hickman said. “I got spit on a couple of times the last time I went out there. But that’s beside the point.
“If anything, that encourages you. . . if you do that it can help you, propel you, in the game.””

To summarize, Nebraska isn’t a basketball school nor did we lose Chase x 2 and Maclin, and therefore, the 17 out of 32 media representatives who voted Nebraska first on their ballots did so because of what Nebraska used to be. Either I’m abso-tooting-lutely nuts or he just really said that.

Not only does this clown attempt to insult the intelligence of every other Big 12 media representative out there but also insults the intelligence of every college football fan out there.

Nonetheless, Missouri still loves ya Mike. You’re a hoot.

Mike DeArmond of the Kansas City Star Starts Blogging; Rips Nebraska

July 23, 2009

In the Kansas City Star’s newest feature to keep the newspaper afloat another year, Missouri’s finest beat reporter, Mike DeArmond, blogs for the very first time. It’s adorable.

Mike looks like he took out five minutes -maybe a few more with bathroom breaks – of his day to share with the world as to why Nebraska won’t win the Big 12 North this season. Once again, Mike does his damnedest to prove to the world why Missouri will always be the class laughingstock of the Big 12 (North.)

Read Mike’s blog entry, “Nebraska Isn’t Back Yet,” right here. (I’ll show you everything you need to see below.)

Mike’s most articulate and convincing points:

  • “Those people picking Nebraska to win the Big 12 North are abso-tooting-lutely nuts. This would include the venerable Phil Steele of Phil Steele’s (Venerable) College Football Preview fame.”
  • “The only reason I can see anyone picking Nebraska to win the North over either Kansas or Missouri this fall is they think Tom Osborne is recruiting and coaching the Cornhuskers instead of recruiting and being the athletic director and boss to Bo Pelini.”
  • “I can see a logical person – like myself – picking Kansas as the favorite. Todd Reesing is the most proven quarterback in the Big 12 North by a long shot. KU also has one of the two best receivers in the league in Dezmon Briscoe and a real gamer at wide out in Kerry Meier. Sure, KU’s offensive line appears suspect. And all those linebackers have to be replaced. But you can see picking Kansas to win the North.”
  • “I think Missouri – the Big 12 North’s representative in the league title game the past two seasons – is a solid No. 2 pick. Here’s where I shake my head in wonder at anyone picking Nebraska over Missouri but over Kansas as well. The Cornhuskers have an inexperienced quarterback, lost just as much as Missouri on offense, don’t have a running back of the caliber of MU’s Derrick Washington. Shouting The Blackshirts Are Back! seems based more on the hope that Bo Pelini is a defensive genius rather than a first-year college head coach that was simply better than Bill Callahan.”
  • “Here, really, is the main thing that leads me to believe Nebraska will NOT win the Big 12 North and could finished behind either Kansas or Missouri. The schedule. Kansas plays arguably the top two teams in the Big 12, hosting Oklahoma and playing at Texas. The Border War game with Missouri is again in Kansas City, where the Jayhawks and Tigers have split the last two games. KU should be favored to win the rest of its league games, including Nebraska in Lawrence on Nov. 14. Missouri’s toughest league road game will be at Oklahoma State. The Tigers play host to Texas, and play Kansas in KC. The Tigers should (I contend) be favored to win the rest of the games, including Oct. 8 in the league home opener against Nebraska. Often ignored fact: Missouri has beaten Nebraska three straight times in Columbia by an average of 23 points a game. Nebraska plays host to Oklahoma, but running around in front of the home folk doesn’t mean much against the Sooners. A Nebraska team that isn’t Oklahoma plays AT Missouri and Kansas.”

“Mad Mike” finished his blog with…. “There now. I feel better. I’ve finished my first real blog. I don’t feel nearly as dirty as I thought I would.” Welcome to the blogosphere, jackass. Let me roll out the red carpet for you. You may not feel dirty, but I speak on behalf of all us bloggers and commenters everywhere that we all feel like we just got done rolling around in shit.

Now, let’s address your points Mike.

Nebraska doesn’t have one running back of Derrick Washington’s caliber, they have two. The “Blackshirts are Back!” talk is based on the fact that Nebraska finished second in the Big 12 in 2008 in total defense and have a few all of their biggest weapons back. I shouldn’t even have to say this, but ‘Tom Osborne being boss to Bo Pelini’ has nothing to do with it.

Kansas having to play Oklahoma and Texas are two losses given that the Lawrence High Chesty Lions have a better offensive line. Kansas also travels to Colorado and to Texas Tech. .

Ask anyone from Missouri with a GED if Nebraska lost just as much as Missouri on offense. Go ahead, ask someone. Missouri’s first 4 Big 12 games – vs. Nebraska, @ Oklahoma State, vs. Texas, @ Colorado – means the Tigers could be (according to the dirty guys from Las Vegas, anyways) 0-4 to start league play, which doesn’t count their remaining games vs. Robert Griffin III, @ Kansas State, and vs. Kansas in your backyard. The ‘venerable’ Phil Steele even told you all of this.

This is the same Mike DeArmond infamous for this Missouri Tiger YouTube video below.

If you like that video above, check out his take on Oklahoma Sooner fans by clicking here.

You would think that it would be embarrassing for the Kansas City Star and for Mike DeArmond that I can run over to our friends at the Mizzourah and Rock M Nation blogs and get everything I need to know regarding Missouri in a coherent manner. It’s not. They have integrity. Some may think guys like Mike DeArmond give bloggers a bad rap. In fact, they don’t. It’s guys like Mike DeArmond that make bloggers stronger.

TigerBoard Comment of the Day

July 6, 2009

Our good friend Big Head over at Mizzourah usually does a few posts a week that are titled “TigerBoard Comment of the Day.” Granted, you must be a die hard Missouri fan to spend any time at all scanning up and down the comment sections there and then reproduce them on your blog. Well, this is my exception. With many thanks to Big Head for the alert, I was able to catch my name up on the TigerBoard today in all of its Black and Gold glory. Here you go…

from Omar Groshoni…

do you know Sammy Vegas?

he’s a ****ing c*ckbag isn’t he?

Awesome. I’m both flattered and honored by the fine people from Columbia.

Nebraska 5 Titles, Mizzery Zero

April 25, 2009

Bo Pelini and Gary Pinkel Talk Football

April 21, 2009

Leave it to Big Head from the Mizzourah! blog to come up with something like this. And although most of the readers here at DXP – including me – will strongly disagree with pretty much 99.9% of his carefully constructed dialogue, it’s still worth a good laugh. Apparently, Mizzourah! bloggers and readers are already starting to take exception to the lovefest the national media has been giving Pelini and the Huskers.

In this scene, Bo Pelini enters Gary Pinkel’s office sometime post spring game. Roll it…

There you have it. The gauntlet has been laid. And since I will be spending the next 6 days scouting the girls of the Big 10 in Bloomington, IN for next season’s Poon-per Bowl, I challenge anyone to go to the Xtranormal site and see if you can come up with something better. Create anything that has to do with the Big XII, send it to my email with your name, and I’ll get your movie posted up here. Be creative, funny, and kind of clean.

Missouri Wins Alamo Bowl! Fans Rejoice!

December 30, 2008

Congratulations Missouri. That 10-4 dream season capped off with a thrilling overtime win over mighty Northwestern is one for your record books. All I am going to say is have fun without Chase, Chase, Chase, and Jeremy. Buckle up for next season because it’s time to go back to reality.

P.S. – I wonder if the Missouri fans that commented here after I made this claim back in early November still think I’m the idiot?


October 12, 2008

Ganz Weighs In On "Dirty" Comment……..

October 8, 2008

Although both Bo Pelini and Gary Pinkel say the “spitting” incident from last Saturday night’s game is a moot point, Joey Ganz had the following to offer up:

“I didn’t hear anything about spitting. I watched the game, too. I didn’t see any dirty play. I mean, the kid gets hit maybe three times, and he thinks it’s dirty. I don’t know. I don’t really agree with it. I watched the same game he played in.”

Translation: Joe Ganz just called Lucas Daniel a pussy for whining after his team just blasted the Huskers by 35 points, in Lincoln no less. Take the win and get ready for top 25 battles the next two weeks against an offensive juggernaut from Stillwater and the Big 12 South’s best on the road in Austin. Beating Nebraska? Not that big of a deal.
Just wait until after the Texas Tech game, where the margin could be 35 again. I’m pretty sure Graham Harrell won’t be complaining about the opposing team throwing footballs at them during warm ups. How does a guy make that claim anyway? It’s not like there weren’t at least 60,000 in the stadium during warm ups last week watching the field. If something like that happened, I’m guessing some Mizzou fans would have corroborated the story, as told by Lucas.
Speaking of Mizzou fans, you all had to at least think to yourselves “this guy’s a pussy” after Lucas made the “dirty play” comments. I know if somehow we magically beat T. Tech this weekend, the last thing I want to hear from Ganz is accusations of dirty play. I would advise Lucas to refrain from such comments when he gets to the NFL, but until there’s a roster spot for 5’11” 255 lb (225?, yeah right) quarterbacks that run a 5.5, I’m guessing he’ll be following the Tommy Frazier career path.
Prior to the game, I couldn’t have found a bad word to say about Daniel. Now he’s just Corey Haim ten years before he found Vicodin. Best of luck this weekend, little buddy!!!

Rule 13-8-3a: Thou Shalt Not Play Dirty

October 6, 2008



Said Missouri QB Chase Daniel (from ESPN):

“Nebraska was definitely one of the dirtiest teams I’ve played. You’ve got to settle it on the field, and I think we more than did that tonight.”

What Chase is referring to is an incident he said took place before the game. He accused a Nebraska player of spitting on him.

“I’m not going to say who it was,” Daniel said Saturday. “He knows who it is. I think that’s bush league. I’ve never done that. That’s blatant disrespect.”

Daniel also said ‘Nebraska players threw footballs at the Tigers as they were warming up.’ Pelini had no idea these incidents occurred during the game but said he had seen the film and couldn’t find anything. Pelini also stated he had been trying to contact Gary Pinkel to discuss the incidents but hasn’t heard anything back.

“Usually, you’d know about something like that,” Pelini said. “But I’m going to investigate it and find out because that’s unacceptable if something like that happened. And I would hope that the opposing coaching staff would let me know if something like that happened. I didn’t see dirty play out there.”

I’m not condoning spitting on other players. However, you just won 52-17 against “your rival” and instead of celebrating with your team and coaches, you feel the need the point out that someone might or might not have spit on you. I know this has never happened in football and certainly not to a football player named Chase, but what goes on on the field should stay on the field. Enjoy your win and stop complicating matters for both teams and coaches. And throwing footballs at other players while they are warming up? Are we in third grade and if you tell on someone you get to be hall monitor for a day? Pop Warner games get more violent than that during warm-ups. I actually hope this story continues to blow up and instead of focusing on and taking questions on Oklahoma State you still have to deal with this accusation that may or may not have happened. Douche.


From LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska coach Bo Pelini says there is insufficient evidence to prove Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel’s claim that a Cornhusker player spit on him before Saturday’s game in Lincoln.

Pelini said Monday that he spoke with his team and talked with Missouri coach Gary Pinkel.

Pelini characterized his investigation as a lot of “he said-he said.” As for whom Daniel accused specifically, Pelini says it was “a little bit gray.”

Pinkel declined to comment on the matter Monday. Pelini says it’s a moot issue now.

After Missouri’s 52-17 win, Daniel said Nebraska was one of the dirtiest teams he had ever played against.

Whew! I was getting worried, but I guess we can put this to rest. It turns out poor little Chase really didn’t get spit on and that he just wanted to get back at all the schoolyard bullies that used to call him “tubby” and “butt-chin.”