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Will Ferrell aka ‘Captain Compete’ Saves the Day

November 1, 2008

“I usually save, mmmmm, 10-20 people a day – that’s a slow day. Most days I am saving upwards of 100 people an hour.”

It’s been too long since we’ve heard of a new Pete Carroll prank. This time it’s not throwing LenDale White off a roof or having Everson Griffen arrested during a team meeting for assaulting a freshman but rather having Captain Compete come to practice to deliver his message to the USC Trojan football team. In this video, Captain Compete takes a break from fighting his arch enemies Captain Lazy and the Notre Dame Leprechaun to save a cameraman from a 40 foot fall and a man engulfed in burning flames.

The idea for this prank comes from Pete Carroll’s motto, which is
always compete.’

“When you take a crap, you gotta compete!”

Pete Carroll’s Halftime Speech Fails To Inspire

September 26, 2008

Congratulations to the Beavers for seriously damaging the chances of USC making another title run with a 27-21 stunner last night. Only 6 times has a #1 ranked team lost to an unranked opponent, and as Husker fans are aware, two of those have come at our expense.

Year Team Opponent
2008 USC Oregon St.
1985 Auburn Tennessee
1984 Nebraska Syracuse
1981 Michigan Wisconsin
1972 Nebraska UCLA
1964 Ole Miss Kentucky

That’s two straight trips to Corvallis without a win for Pete Carroll. That’s also the same group of Beavers from Corvallis that were crushed by Penn State 45-14 earlier in the year. It’s harder than you think for a Trojan to pound a Beaver.

Obviously, Pete Carroll’s plea at intermission for his team to keep their composure wasn’t taken seriously. “We can’t have anyone freak out out there…….we’ve come too far……there’s too much to lose.”