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Playboy Hearts Double Extra Point

April 28, 2009
We’ve now officially made it.

If you want to see how Double Extra Point finally made the big time at Playboy U, click here. Two things here. First off, although we appreciate the exposure, would it be that tough to link us? Secondly, if this doesn’t get the contributors here an invitation to the Playboy Mansion sometime this summer, then I’m pretty sure everything I’ve done up to this point is all for nothing.

The ‘2009 Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year’ Winner

February 20, 2009

Last weekend, Playboy crowned the ‘2009 Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year’ winner. Although DXP’s Top 10 ESPN Reporter “Would You?” Edition and Fox Sports vs. ESPN….Who Ya Got? was a little more elaborate, Playboy did make their contest a little more interesting this time around with their new two-round voting format. It surely made the competition and the readers a little more stiff as opposed to the single-round format of years past. Five contestants reached the 2009 finals and in no particular order, they were:

1. Bonnie Bernstein (Fansite! and Webpage!)

2. Charissa Thompson

3. Erin Andrews

4. Lauren Shehadi

5. Molly Sullivan (MySpace page – not that I’m stalking her or anything)

And the winner was…. Erin Andrews. Bleh.

Alright,I guess we should first give congratulations to the lovely Erin even though Molly Sullivan is the clear winner among these five choices. That’s now two years in a row Erin has walked away with the most prestigious honor in sports television.

Secondly, I need to address Lauren Shehadi making it to the finals. Shannon Spake, Stacey Dales, Nicole Manske, Lindsay Soto, Mary Strong, Colleen Dominguez, and Lisa Dergan — all hotter. You would even think that with the struggling newspaper and magazine business, Playboy would at least throw a bone to its own Lisa Dergan, who was Miss July 1998. I’m sure Lauren Shehadi is a nice person and good at what she does, but as far as looks go, she is in Double A when compared to the Major Leaguers just mentioned. She looks way too much like a mom you would pick up at a local PTA meeting as opposed to Playboy centerfold material.

And finally, I’d love to see a certain Ines Sainz (MySpace – not that I’m stalking her to or anything) join the competition next year to make things more interesting. If Playboy does allow Ines to join this elite sportscaster contest next year, I’m sure EA won’t be sleeping easy. I’ve given this soccer beauty some face time before on DXP (here, here, and here), but in case you forgot, meet the woman who will be the ‘2010 Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year’ after Hugh Heffner receives my petition to put her on the ballot.

Lo sentimos Erin, usted no Ines.