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Nebraska’s Big 12 Media Days Video; Bo Pelini, Ndamukong Suh, Roy Helu, & Jacob Hickman

July 27, 2009

40 days and counting…

If there’s one guarantee about Big 12 Media Days, it’s that it won’t be a circus full of sideshows like the SEC Media Days. I’m not sure that’s a good thing for the Big 12 but it’s still worth following.

In the video below, you’re not going to find any bullshit coming from Pelini as opposed to our previous coach who loved the cameras. Looking as if he’d rather be vacuuming the carpet in his office, the first answer he gives a reporter after complaining about what chair he’d rather sit in, “well, I don’t get real excited so there’s not a whole lot of excitement carrying over….we didn’t accomplish what we wanted to accomplish last year.”

The two things he hit on that I wanted to hear were turnovers and mistakes. Over the past two seasons, Nebraska has lost 28 fumbles to their opponent’s 8. Last season’s penalties: Nebraska 94 for 800 yards – Opponents 64 for 477 yards. Fix those two things and we’ll see different outcomes in the win/loss column and in the score without question.

Some other items of note from Pelini (via OWH):

  • Zac Lee will enter fall camp at #1 after emerging as the “clear-cut” #1 from the spring.
  • Kody Spano is 100%.
  • About Cody Green, “we’ll see how fast he can develop.”
  • “I believe that the quarterback position is in very good hands.”

“(We) came out of spring ball ahead of where we were a year ago, and we followed that up with a really good summer,” Pelini said. “Everybody’s excited about a chance to keep the program moving forward.

“We won’t be satisfied until we when them all … How close are we to that? I don’t know. … I think we have a chance to be a better football team.”

Bo Pelini

Ndamukong Suh

Roy Helu

Jacob Hickman