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Sam Keller: Future Firefighter of America

May 13, 2009

When Sam Keller isn’t preparing court documents for his upcoming case against EA Sports, you can find him at a local Scottsdale watering hole doing what he does best – blowing. Also, I speak on behalf of all of us by saying that we need answers as to why Casey isn’t on top of the bar during this photo shoot. And about Sam becoming a firefighter, I’m not making it up. I bet you all feel a little safer down there in Phoenix right about now, don’t you?

Sam Keller and the Raiderettes

July 9, 2008

Sam Keller is officially on the Raiders roster now. It appears all he has to do is beat out a washed up Marques Tuiasosopo, some guy named Erik Meyer, and some other guy named Jeff Otis to grab the third spot on the depth chart. Ironically, that would put him right behind Andrew Walter who once mentored Sam Keller at Arizona State. Grab that signing bonus check because I guess it’s time to celebrate!

(from left to right: Sandro DeAngelis, Sam Keller, Bo Ruud, Todd Peterson, Matt Davison)

More importantly, what are the chances that Casey Connelly will be trying out for the Raiderettes?

Tinseltown’s Newest Couple

June 3, 2008

In case you were wondering, Sam Keller and Casey Connelly are still a couple. Enter exhibits A, B, C, and D below. Sam recently signed with the AFL Los Angeles Avengers and it could be the most high profile signing of any former Husker in the off season for two reasons. Not only will we get to see him get throttled on a 50 yard piece of turf, but Casey gets even closer to 10236 Charing Cross Rd., aka the Playboy Mansion, and to 8484 Wilshire Blvd, aka the Larry Flynt Building. Basically, it’s a 2-for-1 for Husker fans.

Casey Connelly Por Favor

May 30, 2008

After all the votes were carefully counted, Casey was this big winner this week. As T. Rose said, strike the iron while it’s hot. It’s hot. Really hot. All I can say is that 3rd string Arena league QB or not, Sam Keller still wins.

Sam and Casey makeout session and new Erin Andrews soon to come.

Inquiring Minds Want More Casey Connelly

May 23, 2008

It’s customer appreciation day.

A ‘Husker Hottie’ is the understatement of the year….

Due to the restraining order and Sam Keller threatening my life, this will be the last of the pictures of Casey Connelly (until next week Ice Mike).