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Take the Double Extra Points

October 25, 2007

Last Week: 2-4 ATS
Season: 44-40-1 ATS (52%)

“I’ve done an excellent job in every area.” Bill Callahan and Sammy Vegas, Oct. 23, commenting on their performances this season so far.

Alright, at least I’m not going to lie. I sucked last week. And while my right hand man Timmy Rose was in Europe wasting his days away in brothels and bubbles, I had to go solo which went up in flames faster than, well you know.

We usually don’t pick up strangers who give up on us after a few bad weeks, but I’m going to go with my instincts on this one. Saddle up partner!!!


KANSAS STATE (-24.5) over Baylor: The fightin’ Bears have lost their last 5 Big 12 away games by 55-19. Last week at OSU, K State had over 500 yards of offense, blew a 4th quarter 14 pt lead, and lost on a last second field goal. Baylor brings in a pathetic spread offense that has to match up against the #8 pass D in the country. Besides, Coach Ron Prince needs to start eating up these cupcakes just for the weigh in against Mangino’s Jayhawks.

AUBURN (-17.5) over Mississippi: Ole Miss remains the only winless team in the SEC and was destroyed last week by an Arkansas team that Auburn held to 67 yards rushing (yeah, the same team with Darren McFadden and Felix Jones). As DXP reader Andrew has posted here, maybe Tommy Tuberville wouldn’t be such a bad candidate. After all he both praised and criticized his team after they beat Florida on the road, destroyed Arkansas on the road, and then lost on a questionable last second 25 yard ‘Hail Mary’ that cost them at LSU. With similar or maybe more talent imagine Nebraska’s results in those games? Imagine Bill Callahan’s comments. There would have a lot of ****-sucking amongst the coaching staff on that plane ride home.

TEXAS (-21) over Nebraska: I’ll give you one comparison. Iowa State outgained Nebraska by 46 yards in Lincoln and Texas outgained ISU by 286 in Ames. Texas’ players are physically healthy and Nebraska’s players are mentally unhealthy. Nebraska is 0-7 ATS the last 7 and is giving up 496 yards/game. One of the absurd comments to come out of Billy C.’s mouth at the press conference, when asked why RBs Marcus Mendoza and Cody Glenn didn’t play (as he said they would), ‘we’re just in a rhythm with those other players right now.’ Rhythm? Huh?

MISSOURI (-28) over Iowa State: Okay, I was wrong. Missouri is for real. Iowa State has the #106 rated pass defense in the country and has lost their Big 12 games by an average of 27 a game. If you are smart, expect a let down by both teams as ISU hung tough with Oklahoma and Missouri destroyed the potent T. Tech Raiders. However, ISU will be playing youth, as recommended by Dr. D at IU, as Coach Chizek starts to look ahead.

Weekly I Shouldn’t Be Looking This Game Up Pick

Troy (-4) over ARKANSAS STATE: Arkansas State was destroyed last week by MTSU, 7-24 at home, and out-gained by 246 yards. Troy worked out in this great spot last week as they destroyed N. Texas by 38, out-gained them by 300 yards, had 7 TO’s against them (yeah 7), and oh yeah, are on a 10-2 ATS streak. I got more, but this girl to my left just invited me over for picking Troy two weeks in a row. Sorry, gotta go.


WASHINGTON (-3.5) over Arizona: Speaking of coaches about to get fired, let’s look at a game in Seattle where both head coaches will be more pre-occupied with updating their resumes than calling plays. While Washington has lost 5 straight, they’ve played much tougher competition than Arizona and have Stanford on deck. The Wildcat spread offense has struggled on the road this year, averaging just 16 points per game.

EAST CAROLINA (-14) over UAB: UAB returned just 8 starters back this year and have been taking a pounding on both sides of the ball. This is a team with 20 fewer scholarship players than almost every other program and they have just 1 victory over I-A competition. This is a revenge game and Homecoming for East Carolina and they find themselves tied atop of the C-USA East standings with Southern Miss. UAB will be calling A Rose for tips on cougar hunting by the half.

LOUISVILLE (-11) over Pitt: Louisville’s defense has been almost as bad at home as another team that wears red and white and recruited Quentin Castille in the off-season. However, as bad as they’ve been, there’s no way in hell we’re betting on a team coached by Steve Pederson’s #2 choice. Just think how appropriately ugly and foretelling that 7-6 slopfest in Lincoln was in 2005.

ASU (-3) over Cal: ASU has less experience in big games this year than Dr. D has in the condom aisle at the 7-Eleven in Bloomington. However, unlike a Bill Callahan coached team, Dennis Erickson knows how to get his players up for a big game and make adjustments at the half. Seriously, Callahan, if you are reading this, you the worst halftime coach in the history of college football (not a typo). You’ve outscored conference opponents in the 3rd quarter all of 3 times in your career. Fucking pathetic. Conversely, ASU is outscoring opponents 89-17 in the 3rd quarter this year. Take a lesson Cosgrove. It’s called making a god damned adjustment. ASU will turn a close game into a big-time win in front a sold-out crowd at Sun Devil Stadium.

OREGON STATE (-13)over Stanford: Oregon State is one of the most underrated teams in the Pac-10. If not for terrible QB play in the 2nd half, they could be on a 4-game winning streak. They have the #23 ranked defense in the NCAA and are giving up the fewest yards per rush in college football at just 1.8. Stanford won on the road in Tucson last week, but are in for a blowout loss in Corvallis this week facing an Oregon State squad that is off a bye, cutting down on mistakes, and playing lights out defense.

Take the Double Extra Points

October 18, 2007

Last Week: 7-4 (57%)
Season: 42-36-1 (54%)

We’re back, baby!!! Finally we’re on the winning track and feeling confident going into the next half of the season. I guess you might have figured when you came here and found some smokin’ hot ladies doing keg stands.

Timmy Rose is on the streets of Europe this week doing more soliciting to teenage girls than R. Kelly. I texted him, and all I got back was this picture with a label saying ‘take the overs.’ So I guess I’m going solo, but no worries, I called in a guest handicapper.


Oregon (-11) over WASHINGTON: I’m still trying to figure this out. Oregon, coming off a 53-7 win over WSU, is averaging 45 points a game and 530 yards of offense. Washington has lost 4 straight and has major offensive struggles while giving up almost 30 a game. My man love for Oregon QB Dennis Dixon continues as he now has 1500 yards passing with 15/2 td/int, and 320 yards with 6 TDs on the ground. If this kid is playing in any other BCS conference he is a legit Heisman candidate.

Texas (-24) over BAYLOR: Baylor is back to being Baylor as after a 3-1 start, they have gotten waxed the last 3 games including last week 58-10 vs. Kansas. If you have ever seen a team own another team, this is it. In the last 4 meetings, Texas has put 63, 62, 44, and 56 points. Baylor was shut out twice. Maybe it’s the Longhorn helmet, maybe it’s the Hook ‘em horns, maybe it’s the smokin’ hot ladies that are the Texas cheerleaders – whatever, Baylor once again won’t show up.

Texas Tech (+3.5) over MIZZOU: It’s been awhile since I sprinkled in the ‘Pinkel factor’ for line value, but what the hell. Just when everyone was talking about Chase Daniel for Heisman and this is the year Mizzery finally gets to that elusive Big 12 North championship game, POOF!!! The fact is Graham Harrell, product of a system or not, has 31 TDs and 3 INTs to Daniels’ 16 and 6. The big problem is that Tech’s Defense is better which means Tech is in a shoot out, which means Tech wins. Tech is winning this year by 30 a game – and they get points here they do don’t need.

SOUTH CAROLINA (-13.5) over Vandy: Spurrier almost shit his pants after last week’s dismal 2nd half against UNC where they almost blew a big halftime lead – literally as he called his playcalling ‘conservative crap.’ Spurrier’s pissed off attitude is not good for Vandy, who is 105th in offense and who Spurrier just happens to be 15-0 vs. That’s a crap that Vandy doesn’t want to eat.

Oklahoma (-29) over IOWA STATE: Oklahoma is #5 in the BCS and is the highest ranked team with one loss – and sitting pretty. The problem for Iowa State, who was defeated 56-3 to Texas last week, is that the players from Oklahoma know that they have to win out. “We know we’ve got to win every week. We can’t worry about what someone else is doing. We’ve got to worry about winning,” Oklahoma running back Chris Brown said. Oklahoma has won the last two games here 84-17. Bet it, don’t watch it.


TROY (-18) over North Texas: Troy is 3-0 in conference play, 4-2 overall with only losses at Florida and at Arkansas and a win at home vs. Oklahoma State. North Texas has one win this year and has given up 79 to Oklahoma and 66 to Arkansas and are a whopping 0-9 ATS the last 9 against teams with winning records. That’s all I got.


Buffalo (+4) over SYRACUSE: Who can argue otherwise at this point Turner Gill could be coaching the rest of the season for something beyond the Buffalo Bulls? Answer: Nobody. Why not take this? Syracuse is 1-5. Buffalo, the Bulls not the Bills, are 3-4 (3-1 in conference play). Syracuse is 113th in points scored. Buffalo is 77th. Syracuse is 117th in total yards. Buffalo is 88th. Buffalo needs this game to help for bowl eligibility for the first time ever. Turner Gill needs this for confidence – and not his.

Losing Sucks. Developing Talent Sucks Worse.

October 14, 2007

Jonas Gray is a prized 4-star recruit out of Detroit that has committed to the 2008 Husker recruiting class who chose NU over Michigan, Michigan State, Louisville, Ohio State and Florida to name a few. He is ranked the #4 running back and #47 overall by After seeing what Callahan and Co. have done to develop 5-star recruit Marlon Lucky in his career, I was interested in seeing where this stud recruit is at because obviously he isn’t going to improve once he steps foot on campus under the current regime. Here is a video of his commitment and a work-out.

His straight up and down running style is eerily similar to Dahran Diedrick. It looks like he barely passes the ‘paper test.’ The chalk is going to have alot of tackles over the next 4 years. Do you call that skipping or running?

Kenny Demens, his best friend, high school teammate, and 4 star outside linebacker, was suppose to be a package deal with Gray. Where Gray went, Demens would follow. Demens is 6’1, 225 lbs, 4.6 forty and Gray is 5’10, 213 lbs, and 4.44 forty. Both look very impressive by the numbers. The big difference, however, is that Demens’ wasn’t snowed by the Nebraska coaching staff and was smart enough to realize the reality of the situation.

Now to the point of this rhetoric.

Bottom line is who is going to improve more to get to the next level? Callahan drops his NFL experience to every high school recruit he can. That’s the problem. He treats these ‘kids’ as professional athletes. Sure you can come in and learn a complex NFL playbook, but that’s all you’ll learn. The fact is that these recruits still need to learn basic football skills and more importantly, what it is to be a college athlete and a part of a team. I remember hearing that Callahan was asked why he wasn’t more involved with these players not as a coach but as a mentor. His response? ‘My door is always open.’

One thing Callahan supporters have always said is that he can recruit, but for what? If you go by ‘star’ recruits, we should dominate the Big 12 north. Take this as a vent of frustration or take it as a very simple analysis of one recruit. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling, actually I know, that this is just a continuing trend of landing another top recruit that will become victim of an incomprehensible 100 lb. playbook and lack of fundamental coaching.

Gray said that his commitment to Nebraska would bring ‘more power to the class’ and make them ‘a top 3 class’, but who would argue, including Gray, that at this point he would have been better served being part of Demens’ package deal. Regardless if we are a Top 3 class or Top 30 class, it’s all about coaching at this point. Bo Pelini took ragtag players that were terrible the year before to elevate them to the #11 defense in the country in – hold your breath – ONE year. You can’t argue that there is (or was when they first stepped foot on campus) more talent today than then. Not even close.

Sorry Jonas Gray. I am probably wrong and you are probably a really good running back. The only thing I can tell you is that you might be better today than you will be in 4 years. Which is why we, as Husker fans, hope the Bill Callahan experiment has finally come to an end.

Bill, dude, you’re done.

Take the Double Extra Points

October 11, 2007

Last Week: 5-5 (50%)
Season: 35-32-1 (52%)

If there is one wager that I can guarantee – DXP will have a 8-2 week and be back on track sooner than the Blackshirts hold a team to single digits. That much I can guarantee. Good thing is next week is here for us. Bad thing is next week is here for Nebraska. I figure it’s been awhile since we brought you Erin Andrews or Colleen Dominguez, which is why we need to cheer ourselves up with a picture of CBS’ own Jill Arrington. (That’s my ring on her finger so don’t get any ideas)


OREGON (-18) over Washington St.: You gotta love revenge games (WSU over Oregon 34-23 last year) especially when you have Dennis Dixon at QB. Dixon has put up ridiculous numbers this year with 1238 passing yards (12 TDs) and 308 rushing yards (5 TDs) in only 5 games. This will be Oregon’s first time back since the last second loss to Cal and look for Donald ‘the Fighting’ Duck to kick Butch T. Cougar’s ass during warm-ups – just ask UH mascot Shasta.

TEXAS TECH (-9) over Texas A&M: In case you haven’t heard, Tech Freshman WR Michael Crabtree has 1,027 yards and 17 TDs this year while QB Graham Harrell has 2726 yards and 28 TD’s. Those aren’t even Playstation number, they’re higher. If you have your abacus out, Crabtree is projected to have over 2100 yards and 34 TDs and Harrell is projected to have 5450 yards and 56 TDs (thanks SMQ). That is way too much fire power for A&M whose only road game was a blowout loss at Miami. Mike Leach will take any chance he gets to run Texas and Texas A&M out of Lubbock.

KANSAS (-25) over Baylor: Much like our weekends with ladies the lately, this has let down written all over it. But if there is one thing Mangino is good at it is devouring cupcakes. While Baylor was getting pummeled by Colorado 40-9 early in the 3rd Q last week, KU was on their way to 5-0. KU is top 20 in Off., Def. and Spec. Teams and Baylor is 91st or worse in those.

ARKANSAS (-3) over Auburn: Arkansas was snake bit early in the season by Alabama and Kentucky where they lost high scoring games. However, since then they have destroyed two cupcakes and had last week off. Auburn has a lot of momentum (and not much rest) coming off a big win over Vanderbilt and of course Florida – even with horrible QB Brandon Cox who has 4 TDs and 7 INTs. However, this is an SEC home night game, these are the two best running backs in the country in Darren McFadden and Felix Jones for Arkansas, and this is a must win.

SOUTH CAROLINA (-7) OVER NORTH CAROLINA: Interesting stat here, these coaches have met 1 time in college and 1 time in the NFL with Butch have won both over the ‘Ole Ball Coach.’ USC is ranked #7 after their big win over then #8 Kentucky, but don’t think UNC doesn’t have upset on their mind. They are off a huge win over Miami where their 20 something true freshman are obviously getting much better. However, Spurrier has been great off bye weeks and he knows how big this game is for recruiting purposes so look for his veteran team to be at least a touchdown better over the young NC team.

ARKANSAS STATE (-9) over UL Lafayette: I would have to be a total loser to look up stats for a game like this. Anyways, Arkansas State has played well in two losses at Texas and at Tennessee. They are actually 1 of 2 teams in the conference to have more yards than their opponents and they boast the toughest schedule. Arkansas State has a decent enough running attack (#37) to take on the 117th best rush defense from ULL.


USC (-21) over Arizona: I would not want to be Mike Stoops on Saturday. He gets to go to the Coliseum to face a USC squad that will be looking to put a beat down on whoever is on the field. Arizona’s new Mike Leach offense is averaging over 300 yards per game passing and just 86 yards per game rushing, which is good for 9th worst in the NCAA. Expect USC to bring plenty of pressure and force QB Tuitama into bad decisions. He threw 3 INTs in the blowout loss to Oregon State last week and this one will get out of hand early.

MIAMI (-2.5) over Georgia Tech: Miami has not been Miami the last 2 weeks, beating Duke by 10 and losing badly at North Carolina. Expect HC Shannon to regroup on defense as they gave up almost 200 yards rushing last week. Georgia Tech has no passing game and Miami’s speed will be too much.

Louisville (+11) over CINCY: We bet against Cincy last week and are trying harder than Arthur Blank to recover our losses. They face a more potent passing attack this week as well as a rare defense that’s giving up more yards per game than the vaunted Blackshirts. Louisville gets some line value this week based on last week’s results and we think Louisville keeps it closer than Sammy’s mob ties in Vegas think.

BYU (-11) over UNLV: This pick is simple. Only A. Rose has gotten on Cougars more often than I have at the books this year and it’s been a very profitable strategy. BYU is off of an impressive win at New Mexico two weeks ago and gets 2 weeks to prep for the Runnin’ Rebs. Meanwhile, UNLV goes from getting beat up by the option at Air Force last week to facing one of the best air attacks in the country this week. Take A. Rose’s advice on Cougars: Lock ‘em up early as spreads are likely to get wider as they day goes on.

IOWA (+4) over Illinois: Iowa looked terrible last week against Penn State on the road and will look to get a much-needed victory at home against an Illinois defense that gave up over 500 yards last week to Wisconsin. The home team has covered 5 in a row in this series and Illinois is a road favorite less often than Dr. D is favored to get a return phone call from a sophomore lighter than 130 lbs.

Take the Double Extra Points #6

October 4, 2007

Last Week: 4-5-1 (44%) OUCH!
Season: 30-27-1 (53%) DAMN!

The trend continued again. The girls have officially stopped showing up. The post-game party doesn’t even have a guest list. Reality of the situation is we suck right now and we have to put up with partying by ourselves until the situation rectifies itself. Until then, it’s lonely us, poor lonely us.


Georgia (+2) over TENNESSEE: The grace period for winning a national championship is running out for Coach Fullmer in Tennessee. The Vols are off to a 2-2 start with losses at Florida and Cal with neither being close. Georgia’s only loss this year is at home to South Carolina. Tennessee has a top 20 D and Georgia has a top 20 offense, and I usually don’t pick against Tennessee at home but I’m gonna go with my instincts on this one, saddle up partner.

TEXAS TECH (-24) over Iowa State: “It was pitiful, it was pitiful. It was flat-out pitiful. We’re some vaunted offense so we’re going to sit here with our arms folded. Oh well, we’ll have three lackadaisical plays and then we’ll punt and we’ll make it the defense’s problem.” –Mike Leach after Tech’s 45-41 loss to Oklahoma State. QB Grant Harrell has 24 touchdowns this year and 72% completion. Iowa State couldn’t be in a worse spot here as apparently coaches get on their players and get results.

Colorado (-8.5) over BAYLOR: I am starting to scare myself by talking about Dan Hawkins so much this week. Baylor has beaten Colorado the last two times they have played, and last week Baylor put up 2 first downs and had 68 total yards – the WHOLE game! Colorado has played Arizona State, Florida State, and Oklahoma – and they have actually have outgained these likes by an average of 89 yards/game. Oh and their defense is #5 in the country. Be very afraid Big 12 north.

INDIANA (-13) over Minnesota: Minnesota is bad. They have the worst pass defense in the country and have only 3 sacks – Indiana has a nation leading 27 sacks. Minnesota’s offense is dead last in TO’s with -18 while Indiana is 5th with +15. Last year, Minnesota ran the score up on Indiana 63-26 in the Dome so revenge is fresh. If that doesn’t convince you, I had IU professor Dr. D, the math Wunderkind, run these numbers and he was able to give me the phone numbers of all the Kappa pledge’s this semester. Numbers don’t lie.

PENN STATE (-9.5) over Iowa: Can you imagine paying a coach 2.7 million dollars in Kirk Ferentz to have him lose in his 9th year at Iowa to Indiana at home 20-38? (Callahan?) Iowa is almost last in every offensive category in the Big Ten and has given up 15 sacks this year. Penn State is off a loss at Illinois where they had almost a 100 more yards of offense than the Illini. I’m weary, but Iowa is awful.


SOUTH CAROLINA (-3.5) over Kentucky: Here is a Thursday pick for you loyal DXP readers to get your accounts started in the plus column before a huge weekend of college football. South Carolina is giving up just 15 points per game (12th in NCAA) and have already faced Georgia and LSU, while Kentucky is giving up almost 400 yards per game to the likes of Florida Atlantic and Kent State. Surprisingly, each of these rush defenses rank near the bottom of the country in rushing yards allowed at over 200 per game. We’ll go with the team that’s faced far superior defenses and the Ole’ Ball Coach that’s never lost to Kentucky. Did we mention that South Carolina has just slightly hotter girls than Kentucky?

TEXAS A&M (-6) over Oklahoma St: Oklahoma State’s passing D (3rd worst in NCAA) has more holes in it than Mike Vick’s brain. They will get tested in College Station as QB McGee threw 28 times last week for 200 yards. Texas A&M tops the Big XII South and will stay there for another week as they beat up on the most disappointing road team in the NCAA.

LOUISVILLE (-15) over Utah: Much like Oklahoma State, Utah has been of the most inconsistent teams in the country. After blowing out UCLA, they literally laid an egg at UNLV, losing 27-0. Their road game is worst than Dr. D’s bar game and Louisville looks to be recovered from back-to-back losses earlier in the year. Expect Louisville to run it up as they get national exposure on ESPN Friday night.

RUTGERS (-3.5) over Cincy: We think Cincy is more over-rated than a sober Saturday and a team that will be exposed against a Rutgers team that was beaten up by Maryland last week for over 450 yards and 34 points. Practice won’t be fun in Piscataway this week, but the Scarlet Knights should have no trouble getting fired up to face the team that ruined their Cinderella season just a year ago.

KANSAS STATE (-3) over Kansas: Kansas is in the top 10 in almost every single offensive and defensive statistical category and if you can guess the college town of more than one of their opponents, then next week’s picks are free. And if you’re counting, they played Toledo. Kansas State’s defense and special teams is among the best in the nation and this Coach Prince gets his fifth straight cover as a home favorite.

Dan Hawkins Has Entered the Blogosphere

October 4, 2007

Houston we have a problem. Scratch that. Houston we have brilliance. Colorado coach Dan ‘Hawk’ Hawkins has started his own blog and it is frickin’ awesome. He is only two pieces deep into the dark, mysterious world of CFB blogging but I already know and like him better than I would have ever thought.

If you didn’t like Coach Hawkins after this infamous rant or after this blog, then go play intramurals brother, this is Division I football.

This is why Hawkins claims he’s doing it:

“From time to time I would like to give some information that you may find useful, entertaining, or help you form opinions about me or Colorado Football. I have to warn you that some of it may be a little eclectic, and not the usual sports banter. You can always get the usual information from other sources.”


“Love it. Let me turn you on to Great Big Sea. Sort of a folk/pop/rock band from Newfoundland. Check ‘em out you like it (as you’ll find out I like stuff off the beaten path).”

This is as in depth as he gets about the win over #3 Oklahoma:

“I knew we would win on Saturday. Why? Our guys had a body of work that they could draw from. Their experiences had given them what they needed to form the proper frame of mind. All that was needed was for us to go out and sing our song and do our dance! Dance we did.”

“It was a glorious fall afternoon at Folsom—a little bite to the air, leaves letting go of summer and bleeding into winter, a low sun, and plenty of emotion in the air. Competing against the No. 3 ranked team in the country, you have to feel blessed to be part of that!”

Here is what he did last Thursday:

“Took my wife to Red Rocks on Thursday night to see ABBA. Why? Well, it was for her birthday. Now, I love music, but I can say I’m not much of an ABBA guy, but my wife is……Red Rocks was stunning, the concert was fun, and the time spent with her was priceless. Remember? Focus on the process, just get better, quit trying to win and just be a winner….”

And finally:

“Hey, I am sure you want me to go on about the game, but it’s over—long over and we have to get ready for Baylor who took it to us last year. No time to look back, there will be plenty of those stories other places.

My point? Good things happen to good people, quit trying to win and just be a winner, focus on the process not the product, and as Coach Hurdle says, “Just keep pumping the pump.”

Are you kidding me? The only part of the blog I don’t like is that he doesn’t write everyday. Love or hate Colorado (and I know, including myself, which side most readers here take), this is great – so great that he ends all his blogs in ‘PEACE.’ Can you imagine Billy Callahan’s blog? I can’t either. I bet he doesn’t take his wife to Red Rocks on a Thursday night – my guess is a typical Thursday night involves going over X’s and O’s with Zac Taylor as he prepares him for ‘a tremendous opportunity in the CFL in terms of evolving not as a player but as a future head coach.’

And the the best part about this blog? You don’t have to be an Alumni who pays $1,200 a year to read it.

Take the Double Extra Points #5

September 27, 2007

Last Week: 5-6 (45%)
Season: 25-21 (54%)

Of the 6 losses last week, we lost 3 games by less than 3 points and 1 game in OT (Ala-Georgia). However, we are confident in a big rebound and even though our usual smoking hot ladies didn’t show up at our post-game party, we managed with some scraps courtesy of Dr. D’s class orientation party. Bottom line, the show goes on even if it isn’t smoking hot ladies but rather a young lady that required the offensive line to hold her up.


TEXAS (-14.5) over Kansas State: In case you forgot, last year Texas was overly-embarrassed at K. State and cost themselves any chance for a Big 12 or National Championship after Colt McCoy got hurt. Texas was up 41-0 last week on Rice in the second quarter and is starting to look stronger and stronger. KSU QB Josh Freeman just texted me and said that he is planning on not showing up for the game because he is fat and has 2 TDs and 4 INTs this year.

NEBRASKA (-21) over Iowa State: In an ‘ideal’ situation, we would be overlooking this game as Missouri is on deck. However, this is not an ‘ideal’ situation – but in case you didn’t know, I can look into the future and this vision came to me from the upcoming Sunday Bill Callahan Show with Jim Rose. Here is what will be said:

‘No Question Jim. These young men gave a tremendous effort Saturday and I can’t say enough about their preparation and hard work this week. It was just another outstanding performance from our Offense and I was proud of the way Coz rallied the defense and showed their toughness. We don’t take what defenses give us, we take what we want.’ -Bill Callahan Iowa State post-game interview with Jim Rose this upcoming Sunday

Hawaii (-25) over IDAHO: Hawaii has beaten Idaho (1-3) by an average of 48-10 the last 3 years and Heisman candidate QB Colt Brennan is averaging 421 ypg (77% completion) with 12 TDs and 1 INT this year. Idaho’s secondary gives up a 66 completion %. You don’t even need an elementary math IQ to figure this out.

TULSA (-20.5) over UAB: UAB is off a bigger slump-buster win than anybody who has ever visited Club Patrick’s in Lincoln after beating a 1AA opponent with 5 field goals to break an 8 game losing streak. Tulsa is averaging 508 yards/game this year and runs a no-huddle offense that hung tough with Oklahoma until the 4th quarter last week. This will be ugly.

Ohio State (-23) over MINNESOTA: Ohio State won their 22nd straight regular season game last week against Northwestern where they were so dominant that NW didn’t cross the 50 until almost the 4th quarter. New QB Boeckman leads the Big 10 at QB, ‘Beanie’ Wells is avg 6 yards/carry, and their top WR Robiskie has 5 TDs and averages over 21 yards/reception – oh and their Defense is #3 in college football. Minnesota is 1-3 and has the worst pass D in the country.

VA. TECH (-18) over N. Carolina: UNC has lost 18 straight games away from the state of N. Carolina and is coming off a blowout loss at S. Florida where their offense put up an impressive 164 yards. UNC Fr. QB threw 4 INTs and was sacked 4 times in that loss. V. Tech has been less than impressive this year and actually was out first-downed by William & Mary last week in a 44-3 win. At home, the Hokie defense (#11 in the country) and special teams should cover this one up much better than Michael Vick’s advisors.


NAVY (-2.5) over Air Force: I got lit up like a Mike Vick bong taking Navy to cover against Duke last week. Navy’s defense is the key to this game as they are giving up almost 300 yards per game through the air, which ranks near the bottom of the NCAA, but just 150 yards per game on the ground. Meanwhile Air Force averages just 130 yards per game passing and both teams clearly prefer the run. This game looks a lot like last week with a weak passing team unable to capitalize on the opposing defense’s weakness. Navy will literally run away with this one.

TEXAS A&M (-16.5) over Baylor: Baylor is giving up just over 3 yards per rush and 115 yards per game, but face a huge step up in talent and competition this week facing an angry Texas A&M squad whose backup QB cost us an UNDER victory with 5 seconds left in the game last week against Miami. I’m not even sure we should count that as a loss. I mean, this isn’t the NFL, we should be having more fun predicting games and I’m just not having that much fun right now . . . sorry about that DXP readers, Cory McKeon was typing that last sentence while I was taking a leak. Where was I? Ah yes, Texas A&M taking out its frustrations on a Baylor squad that’s faced Texas St and Buffalo the past two weeks. A&M may cover by the end of the first quarter.

Kent (-1) over OHIO: Somehow Ohio is averaging 27 points per game on just 313 yards per game (98th in NCAA). They’ve done it with smoke, mirrors, and interlock systems on all team buses. This is a team that got 7 turnovers a week ago and failed to win. Meanwhile, Kent blew a 10 point lead at Akron last week while giving up the ball 4 times. I’m taking the more talented team in this game and if Kent doesn’t get at least 150 more yards of total offense, I won’t pick another game the rest of the year.

Temple (+6) over ARMY: You know you’ve hit rock-bottom when you lay down hard-earned cash on Temple. This team hasn’t won on the road since Dr. D started sneaking into sorority houses on the Indiana campus (2003 if you’re counting). However, this week they catch a very winnable road contest taking on an Army squad that averages 60 yards per game rushing, 258 yards of total offense, and a measly 13.75 points per game (116th in NCAA). Temple isn’t much better, but we’ll take the more experience squad in this one.

Oddsmakers Top 25 – Week 3

September 18, 2007

Here is this week’s installment of the ‘Oddsmakers’ Top 25 where the great gambling gurus of the Las Vegas Sports Consultants rank teams according to who would be favorite in a game on a neutral field. In parentheses are the teams’ AP rankings.

1. Southern Cal (1)
2. LSU (2)
3. Oklahoma (4)
4. West Virginia (5)
5. Florida (3)
6. Texas (7)
7. Penn State (10)
8. Ohio State (8)
9. Oregon (13)
10. California (6)
11. Wisconsin (9)
12. South Carolina (12)
13. Boston College (14)
14. Rutgers (11)
15t. Missouri (25)
15t. Arizona State (28)
17. Nebraska (24)
18. Arkansas (26)
19. Alabama (16)
20. Florida State (34t)
21. Georgia Tech (27)
22. Virginia Tech (17)
23. Hawaii (19)
24. UCLA (30)
25t. Georgia (22)
25t. South Florida (23)
25t. Clemson (15)
28. Purdue (33)
29t. Louisville (18)
29t. Texas A&M (20)
29t. Kentucky (21)

Quick Notes
· Nebraska fans shouldn’t sweat the loss to USC.
· #15 to #21 (except Alabama) teams are very underrated.
· Clemson, Louisville, and Texas A&M are the three most overrated teams.
· Missouri, Arizona State, and Florida State are the three most underrated teams.
· Nebraska would be a pretty good underdog at Missouri as of now.

Let us know what YOU think.

Tim Brown Talks About Bill Callahan

September 17, 2007

This afternoon on The Big Show with Matt Perrault, an Omaha sports radio show, Tim Brown was interviewed about Bill Callahan during their days together with the Oakland Raiders. This is a must listen.

Some Interesting Points:

· Callahan best X and O’s coach he has ever been around but not good relating to players – especially with trust.

· The Raiders could have done without a coach after Gruden left because the system was ‘already in place.’

· He really used to walk off the field during practice?

· Love how he called him a ‘different cat.’

· Interesting how Callahan did the running plays and head coach Jon Gruden did the passing plays.

· When Callahan took over as head coach in 2002, QB Rich Gannon called the plays in a no-huddle offense that lead them to the Super Bowl.

· The players went to Rich Gannon, not Callahan, if there was a problem on offense?

· During a 4 win season in 2003, Brown said he and his teammates weren’t sure if Callahan was doing his atrocious play-calling on purpose to get fired (because they all thought he and staff wanted out) or if he was that bad.

Two great signs that were seen outside the Stadium on Saturday:

Nice work, Husker fans.

Sammy Vegas and Timmy Rose: Take the Double Extra Points #3

September 13, 2007

Last Week: 6-4 (60%)
Season: 14-9 (64%)

We are off to a pretty darn good start this year on DXP. So good in fact, we decided to have a low- key party last week to celebrate. These smokin’ hot ladies promised us even more next week if we stay above 60%.


INDIANA (-13) over Akron: Akron was able to stay close to Ohio State last week thanks to 5 OSU TO’s and they managed to put up a whopping 69 total yards. Also this is Akron’s third straight away game with their conference opener on deck. Indiana is coming off a win over Western Michigan where they had over 440 yards of offense lead by 6’7 WR James Hardy who had 4 TD’s and 180 yards. Indiana expects to win games nowadays and they should be all over Akron like A. Rose on every unsuspecting 21 year old in the bar after 10 p.m. And yes, those are actual IU students to the left, and Dr. D is probably in jail as we speak.

NAVY (-7) over Ball State: Navy returns home after a tough loss last Friday night at Rutgers. They are averaging a great 5.7 ypc on the ground while Ball State gives up over 5.1 ypc on the ground (against lesser competition). I truly believe Navy coach Paul Johnson is one of the best coaches in college football and Navy showed it last year by coughing up over 1 million a year to keep him. He better win this one by 7.

LSU (-40) over Middle Tennessee State: There is no point in getting into stats here – LSU is good. The only problem here is obviously not their drubbing of Va. Tech (48-7) last week, but having South Carolina on deck. However, Freshmen LSU QB Ryan Perriloux should get a good chance here to mop up and build some confidence. This is just a sad case of having your 3rd and 4th stringers overmatch the starters on a much inferior team.

NORTHWESTERN (-16.5) over Duke: Northwestern’s bowl chances could ride on getting a victory here at home after a comeback win over Nevada last week. Duke is so bad that their QB averages 143 ypg with 2 TDs and 4 INTs, their rushing attack is getting 50 ypg, and the offense line has given up 9 sacks – and these are against UCONN and Virginia. Northwestern is in great shape here.

Louisville (-6.5) over KENTUCKY: The REDNECK bowl here should be high on hot girls but low on class. This was a tough one here, but I do think Louisville got a serious wakeup call last week on Thursday vs. MTSU. An interesting stat I found here regarding two of the best QBs in the country: Brohm from Louisville is 5-0 all time vs. Woodson from UK by a total score of 219-60. Louisville is 7-1 the last 8 here.

PENN STATE (-34) over Buffalo: I am simply picking Penn State in this one as we need to ride their early season dominance out as long as possible. Penn State is by far the best team in the Big 10 right now, but they do have Michigan on deck. Buffalo returns 18 starters and looked great last week as they blew up Temple – but offensively, they face a team that hasn’t given up an offensive TD this year against Notre Dame and FIU.


Houston (-14.5) over Tulane: The Cougars once again lead the nation in awesome nicknames and have had a week off to think about falling apart in Eugene two weeks ago. Houston piled up the offense against Oregon in Week 1 and look to have a balanced attack against a defense that gave up almost 34 points a game last year. The score was 45-7 in Houston last year and I don’t think this one will be much closer. Did I mention Tulane didn’t get a singe first down in the second half last week? Much like the second half at the bars for Sammy Vegas last Saturday night.

BYU (-6.5) over Tulsa: Had I known that BYU would rack up 435 yards of offense last week and hold UCLA to 236 yards, I would have called the 7 pt dog Cougs a bigger lock than Tom Cruise’s homosexuality. However, UCLA got a pick-six early in the game and then scored a garbage TD with a minute left to pull off the front-door cover. This is a vastly underrated BYU defense and there is great line value here as BYU is coming off a misleading loss and Tulsa off a misleading win in Week 1.

Virginia Tech (-20.5) over Ohio: The spread on this game would have been 28 before the start of the season. Ohio returns just 11 starters from last year’s MAC East Champion squad and lose their entire LB corp from last year, their strongest unit. Virginia Tech will look to rebound from their worst loss in 25 years and I call for Coach Beamer to leave the starters in well into the 2nd half as he starts a freshman QB for the first time. Ohio gave up over 500 yards of offense last week in a game that saw them down 10 points at half. There will be no 2nd half comeback this week and Ohio’s point total is likely to be lower than Frank Solich’s BAC.

Florida State (-4) over Colorado: I bet against shitty QBs more often than Dr. D puts his cell phone number on a class syllabus. Cody Hawkins was so bad last week only Ivanka Trump could appreciate the brand of nepotism that is stinking up Boulder. Andy Reid is having better luck with his sons. This is another one of those games where the spread would have been double digits before the start of the season and FSU has yet to show the talent they have on offense. Last week, Colorado’s defense wore out faster than a Diddy single and I see no reason they will keep this one close down the stretch against a team with much greater talent.

Boston College (+7) over Georgia: There has been a lot of talk about how great Georgia Tech’s defense is with 8 starters back from a solid unit in 2006. Surprisingly, Boston College has allowed fewer points/game than G-Tech in each of the last 3 years and have 9 starters back from last year’s team that allowed just over 100 rushing yards per game. The Yellow Jackets have two talented RBs, but Matt Ryan does just enough on offense to keep this one close in very low scoring ACC game in Hotlanta.

Louisville-Kentucky OVER (77): This game is simple. Match up two of the best QBs and offenses in the country against two of the worst scoring defenses in the country. There will be very few FGs in this match-up and the OVER could hit by half. Brohm is now a front-runner for the Heisman and you can bet Steve Kragthorpe will do everything he can to get him the award.