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The ‘2009 Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year’ Winner

February 20, 2009

Last weekend, Playboy crowned the ‘2009 Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year’ winner. Although DXP’s Top 10 ESPN Reporter “Would You?” Edition and Fox Sports vs. ESPN….Who Ya Got? was a little more elaborate, Playboy did make their contest a little more interesting this time around with their new two-round voting format. It surely made the competition and the readers a little more stiff as opposed to the single-round format of years past. Five contestants reached the 2009 finals and in no particular order, they were:

1. Bonnie Bernstein (Fansite! and Webpage!)

2. Charissa Thompson

3. Erin Andrews

4. Lauren Shehadi

5. Molly Sullivan (MySpace page – not that I’m stalking her or anything)

And the winner was…. Erin Andrews. Bleh.

Alright,I guess we should first give congratulations to the lovely Erin even though Molly Sullivan is the clear winner among these five choices. That’s now two years in a row Erin has walked away with the most prestigious honor in sports television.

Secondly, I need to address Lauren Shehadi making it to the finals. Shannon Spake, Stacey Dales, Nicole Manske, Lindsay Soto, Mary Strong, Colleen Dominguez, and Lisa Dergan — all hotter. You would even think that with the struggling newspaper and magazine business, Playboy would at least throw a bone to its own Lisa Dergan, who was Miss July 1998. I’m sure Lauren Shehadi is a nice person and good at what she does, but as far as looks go, she is in Double A when compared to the Major Leaguers just mentioned. She looks way too much like a mom you would pick up at a local PTA meeting as opposed to Playboy centerfold material.

And finally, I’d love to see a certain Ines Sainz (MySpace – not that I’m stalking her to or anything) join the competition next year to make things more interesting. If Playboy does allow Ines to join this elite sportscaster contest next year, I’m sure EA won’t be sleeping easy. I’ve given this soccer beauty some face time before on DXP (here, here, and here), but in case you forgot, meet the woman who will be the ‘2010 Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year’ after Hugh Heffner receives my petition to put her on the ballot.

Lo sentimos Erin, usted no Ines.

Top 10 ESPN Reporter "Would You?" Edition

July 14, 2008
For my 2nd assignment here at DXP, I thought I would tackle a more interesting topic than the Gary Busey-esque behavior of Kevin Grady and Matt Jones. Today, I am posing to all of you the age-old question that has been asked since the invention of broadcast television and female investigative reporting. You know, that question you ask your buddies when you’re pounding beers, watching ESPN, and debating that philosophical question, better known as the “would you?” The execs over at ESPN have been adding talent to that reporter line-up like Jim Hendry with a 3 game lead in the NL Central in late July, and we have taken notice. So without further ado, here is the official ESPN Top 10 ‘Would You’ list.

10) Suzy Kolber – Answer: No. Not even the number of drinks Joe Namath consumed could make me pull the trigger here. Below she tries to measure Namath’s ego.

9) Wendi Nix
– Answer: Yes. Boston fans have more reason to celebrate than the Pats/Red Sox/Celtics with Wendi covering the local market.

8) Rachel Nichols – Answer: Depends on BAC. I’m not a huge ginger fan, but exceptions can be made after reaching the vodka/seven double-digits.

7) Jeannine Edwards
– Answer: Yes. Here’s a chick that you can take to the horse track who would school you and all of your friends in gambling on the ponies. Sold.

6) Shannon Spake
– Answer: Yes. You don’t know her yet, but trust me, by the time Bo Pelini wins his first bowl game you will. Let’s hope NASCAR blows up soon.

5) Stacey Dales
– Answer: Yes. The only question here is whether or not Stacey wants to get back up on that pogo stick after playing in the WNBA.

4) Nicole Manske
– Answer: Are you kidding me? Quite possibly the only reason, other than #6 on the list, to watch any form of auto racing on ESPN.

3) Bonnie Bernstein
– Answer: Don’t need one. If you say “no” to this one, please open the yellow pages and consult a shrink to discuss your sexuality at once.

2) Colleen Dominguez
– Answer: Without hesitation. When we think of cougar hunting on a Saturday night, this is what we hope to score at the local Kona Grill.

1) Erin Andrews
– Answer: Did you really think anyone else would get the top spot? I’m not sure Nik Richie over at could find a flaw. Nic, if you’re reading, let us know.

So there it is, one definitive no, and a whole lot of good decisions in ESPN’s human resources department.

The Jenn Sterger and Erin Andrews Catfight

July 8, 2008

When I sleep at night, this is what I dream about. This is the single best thing that has happened since White Owl got engaged to a 22 year old. Jenn Sterger is speaking in public again. Jenn recently tore into Erin Andrews and Jill Arrington.

Last week on ESPN 1470 in Tampa Bay, Jenn had this to say about Erin.

“She’s very talented. But it’s so funny because if you look at her old tapes back when she worked at the Lightning, it was the most dreadful stuff you’ve ever seen in your life. People compare me and say, well, she’s no Erin Andrews … and I’m like, well, who’s No. 1 on the computer. Suck it.”

Jenn goes on to say this about Jill Arrington.

“Oh, no, not my thing. I just don’t want to get that haircut and wear turtlenecks for a living. It’s just not my shtick. If there’s ever a chance for a hot girl to make it into sports, until then …”

As the interview continued, she would go on to say Derek Jeter “isn’t my type” and when asked about who TV executives look for when hiring sports personalities, she says this: “They call it half pregnant: They want the hot chick, but they don’t want her to be completely hot.”

First of all, who made you number one on the computer? Secondly, maybe you should stop doing Playboy (NSFW) and go back to school and get a journalism or communications degree. And finally, half-pregnant? Wow.

So who ya got?






Jenn Sterger. Round 3. Ding Dong.

July 8, 2008

I’m sorry, I can’t get enough. Here’s a new ‘lecture’. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long time before I stop watching this series. If I’m an 18 year old at Florida State listening to this, I’d be thinking I’d never have to study again. What would be even better is if I was a football player because she’d be all about it. What amazes me is how she let’s these leak on to youtube when clearly they should only be available on DVD.

Watch this ONLY ONLY ONLY if you have 5 minutes to kill and feel like laughing.

I have no idea why she says ‘I have so many friends on facebook I can’t even count’. I’m pissed. My invitation has yet to be accepted. And one more thing Jenn, you got discovered just like Pamela Anderson got discovered? Wow. I need more, more, more.

Jenn Sterger. Round 2.

July 7, 2008

I think I did everyone a favor last week in finally putting pictures up of FSU’s famed cowgirl Jenn Sterger. I might or might not be sorry for about what you are about to witness. It’s always good to have some ‘self confidence’ but this is both stupidity and pure entertainment wrapped into one. This is why her FORMER job at’s ‘Daily Scorecard’ was every other Wednesday. These videos are the best things you’ll see all day. Trust me.

WTF was that? I’m on the phone right now with MTV and E! negotiating a reality television series about Jennifer Sterger. This is reality television gold.

So now I pose the question of the day. How much are these 8 things worth below?

I’m guessing that picture is worth 45,000 dollars. You got the over or under?

I’m Sorry Jenn Sterger

July 2, 2008

I’m going to file this under blogger negligence. It’s no secret we don’t like Jenn Sterger as a reporter. Never has there been someone who has gotten where they are like she has. With an IQ that I would imagine hovers below 100, she manages to write for and on occasion She’s so bad that the subtitle on her articles at cnnsi reads this, ‘Florida State’s Jenn Sterger will answer your questions on Scorecard Daily every other Wednesday’.

What the #*&!? What’s the point of Scorecard Daily then? If I need an answer from Jenn today, you want me to check back in two weeks?

However, I never said DXP doesn’t like Jenn Sterger as a hottie. You’ll most likely know her as the ‘FSU cowgirl’. Regardless, she’s smoking hot and therefore needs more exposure.

I haven’t even scratched the surface with this one.