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This Is Why Texas Tech Is Better Than Texas

August 20, 2009

Dear Lord Baby Jesus….

Thanks again to the Wiz!

Texas & DXP Undergoing Renovations; Texas Longhorn Cheerleaders Rejoice

July 15, 2009

I thought that since DXP and Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium are both currently receiving some much needed upgrades, then now would be the perfect time to talk about the two.

In 2006, Texas received a $179 million dollar grant from the regents to begin a massive overhaul of Darrell K Royal Stadium. Already completed (2008) is a memorial plaza and a new north end zone structure, which includes an upper deck, club space, suites, athletic offices, academic-advising areas, and new gym space located under the stadium.

In July of 2009, DXP expanded its margins, added a few advertisements, and created a left sidebar as well as a blogger feed where readers can subscribe to posts and comments. Also, already completed is a Twitter account and a new Google search bar that allows readers to search for material directly from the site.
Not to be outdone by a Nebraska blog, Texas has just installed field turf to replace the natural grass as well as just begun the final phase of construction in the south end zone that will house a new Football Academic Center, a new Hall of Fame, and 4,525 permanent bleacher seats. Texas plans to eventually begin constructing an upper deck in the south end zone that will enclose the field and make seating capacity upwards of 112,000 – making it the largest football stadium in the United States (although sources say it may not be completed until the 2024 season.)

Realizing that Texas is setting the bar even higher, DXP has begun construction on a new header/banner that is expected to be completed sometime in the summer of 2009 by one of its readers, Josh. (Thanks Josh!)

You can clearly see that the only glaring difference between the two is that we weren’t given a $179 million dollar grant and we don’t have a concession stand. Nonetheless, I still think we should have a joint celebration. And of course, we asked Texas to provide the girls.
Cue the Texas Longhorn cheerleaders.