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TMZ Attacks Tim Tebow and Erin Andrews

July 16, 2009

Good stuff here. Click on the links below.

Tim Tebow Video @ LAX
Erin Andrews Video @ LAX

The Great Debate: Tim Tebow vs. Tommie Frazier

July 9, 2009

Make no mistake about it. Tim Tebow and Tommie Frazier should be considered at this point to be the two greatest quarterbacks to ever play college football. Sammy Baugh, Davey O’Brien, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, Danny Wuerffel, Roger Staubach, Doug Flutie – all great college quarterbacks and all deserve to be the near the top of this elusive list. However, when talking about the GREATEST of all-time, there is a definitive one and two.

Besides his Heisman Trophy run and Florida’s quest for their third National Championship in four years, among the hottest topics this season will be Tim Tebow’s place in college football history.

Like him or not, there is no doubt that Tebow’s awards, trophies, and statistics are already there for him to be considered the greatest – regardless of what era he played. And think, he still has a full year left with arguably the most talented team we have seen in college football for some time. And by some time and to the dismay of a one Kirk Herbstreit, I’m talking about since the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers – lead by a QB named Tommie Frazier.

Naturally, I can’t help but want to dive right into this one. It’s Tim Tebow vs. Tommie Frazier.

Tommie Frazier (1992-1995)
Record as starter: 33-3 (91.7%)
Passing: 250-509 (49.1%), 4,003 yards, 47 TD, 18 INT
Rushing: 386 carries, 2,263 yards (5.9 ypc), 36 TD

Tim Tebow (2006-present)
Record as starter: 22-5 (81.4%)
Passing: 444-681 (65.8%), 6,159 yards, 67 TD, 11 INT
Rushing: 475 carries, 2,037 yards (4.2 ypc), 43 TD

I could get a little more analytical here by doing some projected numbers for Tebow since he has one more full year to accumulate more statistics. However, I think you understand the idea that two different offenses in two different eras makes comparing statistics nearly worthless. The one statistic that is independent of what era you played in is also the most important one – record as a starter. If Tebow and the Gators finished the season at 14-0 in 2009, his record as a starter would be 36-5 or 87.8%, which is still not Frazier’s 33-3 record.

With that in mind, Frazier’s three losses came at the hands of unranked Iowa State (10-19 on November 14, 1992 in his third career start), #3 Florida State (January 1, 1993 in the Orange Bowl), and to #1 Florida State (January 1, 1994 in the Orange Bowl/National Championship game). The point here is that two of his three losses came in his freshman season.

Tebow’s five career losses have come at the hands of unranked Auburn at home, @ #2 LSU, #19 Georgia (in Jacksonville), unranked Michigan (Capital One Bowl) – all in the 2007 season – as well as to unranked Mississippi @ home in the 2008 season.

And when comparing tough non-conference games, neither has much of upper hand on the other. Frazier’s most accomplished victories came vs. a #24 West Virginia team in the kickoff classic and #13 UCLA at home – both in the 1994 season and both were the only the ranked teams Frazier defeated in the non-conference schedule. Tebow’s only non-conference victory against ranked teams have so far come from Florida State – once in 2008.

In big games on a national stage, Frazier never disappointed. Even in one of his three career losses (which was in the 1993 National Championship game,) Frazier still received his first of THREE MVP trophies in a National Championship game. In 1995, Frazier’s Huskers defeated four Top 10 teams by an average of almost 31 points/game – the closest game was 23 points @ #7 Colorado. However, Frazier’s Heisman Trophy snub in 1995 to Eddie George could perhaps be the glaring difference between these two players when fans compare the two a few decades down the road.

Tebow’s most memorable big game came when he was named the ‘Offensive’ MVP of the 2009 BCS title game vs. Oklahoma. However, although Tebow’s Florida teams have won two championships (only one as a starter) under his watch, his Florida teams have simply not dominated like Frazier’s Nebraska teams have – at least not yet. In his Heisman Trophy year of 2007, Tebow’s Gators lost FOUR games. In fact, in the two years the Gators have won the championship with Tebow, not one of those seasons ended in an undefeated season. Frazier’s Huskers lost ONE game in his final three years with the team as the primary starter. Tebow’s Gators have lost SIX games in his three years and FIVE games in two years with him as the starter.

I’m sure if I was on the Tim Tebow side of this debate then I’d be factoring in more of his freshman 2006 season. However, Tebow never started a game that season in Florida’s championship run and therefore, I argue that the Florida Gators of 2006 are still champions – with or without him.

This debate will have more of a definitive outcome once the 2009 season is completed. And if all goes according to the experts’ predictions, expect Tebow’s accolades to only grow. However, I’m not at all ready to concede this argument to the Tebow supporters out there that he is the best to ever play the position based solely on what he’s done thus far. Unfortunately, intangibles can’t be factored in and my crystal ball hasn’t begun working yet for the 2009 season so it’s impossible to declare one better than the other at this juncture.

So where does this leave us with one year left in Tim Tebow’s career? Let’s recap…

  • Tommie Frazier won TWO National Championships, THREE National Championship MVP awards, and ZERO Heisman Trophy awards.
  • Tim Tebow has won ONE National Championship (as a starter and TWO as a member of the Gators team), ONE Heisman Trophy award, and ONE National Championship MVP award.
  • Tommie Frazier’s career record as a starter was 33-3 with only one loss in his final three seasons.
  • Tim Tebow’s career record as a starter is currently 22-5.

I wanted to get this one thing out there before this season started. Tim Tebow is not the greatest of all time at this point and even after this season, he probably won’t be. Would one more Heisman and one more National Championship change my mind? Maybe… just not yet. If more states passed the “Tim Tebow Bill,” then would that change my mind? Absolutely not.

Tim Tebow’s New Girlfriend

April 7, 2009

Much was made over the past year about this photo of Erin Drewes with Tim Tebow that captivated sports bloggers everywhere. With many thanks to facebook, internet aficionados were able to dig up even more glorious, glorious pictures of the lovely Erin Drewes. The only problem was that they were never a couple despite what most message boards and blogs claimed.

However, according to the experts at The Big Lead, a “plugged-in reader in Florida named Parker” has found Tim’s true love. Evidently, Tim and Girlfriend X can be seen at the Dragonfly in Gainesville on any given night grinding on praying with one another. There is no name yet for this Gatorbait smokeshow, thus no facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. I’m sure that will change sometime in the near future and all of this one picture only nonsense will end.

I’m not really sure if Tebow used any lines from his immortalized speech to pick her up or not. Regardless, God Bless.

And for what it’s worth, Erin Drewes is hotter than that and she just happens to be getting even hotter

Tim Tebow Speech Immortalized?

March 26, 2009

Am I on another planet or something? According to this story, Urban Meyer had a plaque placed outside the front of Florida’s Stadium with the Tim Tebow “I will work harder than everyone” speech engraved for all fans to walk by in disgust.

Looks like the line to blow Tim Tebow got a little longer. After listening to Thom Brennaman and the worst announcer in sports history, Charles Davis, call the BCS title game this year, I didn’t think anyone else needed to get on their knees for another year at least.

For a speech to be engraved on a plaque, it must be so inspiring and legendary, that it literally makes every fan remember exactly where they were at the exact moment an athlete was talking. Using that standard, only a handful of speeches qualify for plaque status.

At the top of the list has to be Lou Gehrig’s “Luckiest Man” speech. That’s pretty much the gold standard for athletes giving a speech. You can throw in Jim Valvano’s speech at the 1993 ESPY awards, which is one few times it’s perfectly acceptable to cry in front of another man. You can add Knute Rockne’s “Win One for the Gipper” to the list. But Tebow’s speech? Not in the same league, not even the same ballpark, and probably not even the same sport.

What’s next? Does Urban Meyer want to put a bronze statue of Tebow at the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton before the 2010 draft? Solid work Urban, you just weakened a nation today. I will go out on a limb and predict before the BCS title game next year, someone in Florida will claim that Jesus has returned to earth and he wears #15 for the Florida football team. The only reason to get excited about the Orange and Blue will still be the tail.

More Tebow? I’m Not Sure If I Can

January 21, 2009

In case you had enough after the National Championship game and were living in a no-Tebow-zone for the past few weeks, here is Tebow’s sermon on giving college football fans one more glorious year of his eternal presence.

Then, at last Saturday’s Florida-Arkansas basketball game, Tim Tebow walked out with several other Gator players and coaches during halftime so they could be honored for their National Championship. Tebow initially walked out with a sling around his right arm because of arthroscopic surgery he had on his shoulder the previous Monday. By the time Tebow was done talking, the sling was torn off and thrown into the crowd. It was truly a miracle.

I’m not going to sit here and slam Tebow for his faith and his family’s continuing mission work worldwide. That’s great he devotes time to help others. However, there are plenty of collegiate athletes that do great things for others that rarely get mentioned in the same way as the great Tebow.

Take for example Florida State’s Myron Rolle. It absolutely baffles me as to why Tebow continues to dominate the college football media frenzy with his goodwill for humanity when you have someone like Rolle who deserves more admiration. Rolle recently won a Rhodes Scholarship and will be passing up millions of dollars as a Top 50 NFL pick so he can study medical anthropology for a year at Oxford University. Whether he eventually decides to return to the NFL is still up in the air, but Rolle has made it clear that when he is done with medical school – where he wants to become a neurosurgeon – he is going back home to the Bahamas to open up free medical clinics for people who can’t afford medical care. Rolle founded a program called ‘Our Way To Health’ for Seminole Indian children to help educate them about the importance of physical fitness, he studied comparative politics and holistic medicine for six weeks in London, and he was awarded a $4,000 grant for cancer research. In fact, Rolle is so unconcerned about the accolades that football brings him that Florida State defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews once actually complained that Myron was spending too much time concerning himself with school and research and not enough time preparing as a Florida State football player.

Sure, Rolle’s accomplishments were mentioned for a few weeks on most of the major sports networks. However, they weren’t even close to being covered as much as Tebow’s announcement on his return for his senior season, his National Championship, or his slinging of his arm sling.

Take the following video of Tebow at the recent National Championship game for an example of how the media has always and will always worship the ground he walks on. According to Michael Smith at Fanhouse,

“Thom Brennaman said, That might be the first thing he’s ever done wrong in his life.’ Brennaman’s partner, Charles Davis, was even worse: He tried to excuse Tebow’s behavior by saying, he was backing away, which is good.’ Uh, no. Tebow had purposefully walked several yards downfield to get right into Harris’ face before he did the Gator Chomp. He only started backing away when he was sure Harris had seen what he was doing. Last time I checked, getting in someone’s face to taunt him, only to back away before he has a chance to respond, isn’t “good.”

Enough is enough. I can’t believe that for another entire year we will have to watch Tebow and the Gators and be told that this is the best player to ever play college football and the best human to ever walk the earth. I’m literally getting nauseous thinking about it.

Are you looking forward to another year of college football with Tim Tebow?
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