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Our Defense is Bad, but….

October 23, 2007

…not as bad as this:

“SMU is the only program in Division I-A history to allow a 300-yard rushing game, 300-yard receiving game and a 600-yard passing game. And the Ponies pulled it off in a span of six weeks!

North Texas’ Casey Fitzgerald had 327 receiving yards (fourth in I-A history) in SMU’s lone win. Since-benched Mean Green QB Daniel Meager’s 601 passing yards in that game rank 13th in I-A history. Tulane’s Matt Forte rushed for 342 yards (tied for 21st in I-A history) in the Ponies’ OT loss Sunday.

To put that amazing accomplishment in perspective, there are only three other programs that have allowed a 300-yard rusher and 300-yard receiver. Kansas, Southern Illinois and Toledo are the others, but none of them gave up the three-bill performances in the same season.”


See, laughing at the misfortune of others is all we have left.